Would You Date A Chess Player? #chess #shorts


  1. In the dating game, they switch to playing with checkers. Theyre walking red flags and dont deserve a real man. Clout chasing tards

  2. Id rather play checkers than date one of those pieces of trash. Horrible mother material right here.

  3. She dates a chest player though!😊😊😊😅

  4. Chess player – no
    Chess Grandmaster – yes

  5. She can’t handle a man with brains, it’s not your fault brother 💪😂

  6. just find you a girl that shares your hobbies if shes isnt into them thats cool just if your an outdoors person find an outdoors person keep her busy shell stay off your ass

  7. Certainly not attracting top tier with empty liquor bottles lined up like trophies on your outdated kitchen cabinets

  8. No one plays chess to impress women literally no one – chess players want silence so the botez sisters would be intolerable anyway

  9. If they are master in one thing we are grand masters in that. Better stay away to us.

  10. As a chess player, DAYUM it hurts when he die that to his pieces oof

  11. Andrea's no made me happy lol
    "Cuz im not a chess player"

  12. No ,
    Why ,
    I don't know how play a thinking man's game ,
    I just do mind games instead
    Check mate , he found a new queen she was ebony 😂

  13. He definitely knew this before that video 😉

  14. Why date a girl when you can promote a queen 🤫

  15. She knows chess players are too smart to be manipulated and won't put with her self entitled attitude.

  16. Who cares about Andrea? The goal always been Alex all the way.

  17. bczzz he can guess her all moves😍🫡😂😂✅

  18. Bro is going to become a knight and will move like ࿕ across the world after her rejection 🗿🗣️🔥

  19. You can smell Eric Hansen’s finger to cheer up 🙂

  20. Bro just forget her remember you are the chess pro and you have a unique mind you can't just give up because of a woman if you give up in your career because of a woman then you are a failure and a coward be a man who all women wants not a man who needs woman

  21. Ask her again in 15 years, once she looks like a bishop

  22. Was it worth having to pick all those chess pieces back up?

  23. Absolutely no, had a gf who was Profesional chess player. I will never want to spend time with em

  24. The reporter is more beautiful than the lady who answered

  25. You can still win the game without a queen.

  26. Nah bro let her go 😂she is stupid she is not worth it chess is a very good game it shows and test the player IQ

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