World’s funniest chess grandmaster – 2 (Grischuk) 不

Alexander Grischuk, the world’s funniest chess grandmaster, combines razor-sharp tactical brilliance with an infectious sense of humor. His witty one-liners and hilarious antics during tournaments make him a fan favorite, keeping the chess world in stitches. Grischuk’s ability to make even the most serious chess matches feel like a comedy show has earned him the title of the jester of the chessboard.
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  1. Lots, you might have a dodgy stomach and make the wrong move.

  2. introvert became extrovert, he can build an endless energy generator

  3. Where is that interview where he showed bottle of piss

  4. More Awkward & Goofy than Funny仄賤儭

  5. As a Russian, I've never thought that "Hollywood Russian accent" exists in real world. But here it is…

  6. Luck DOES NOT exist. Thats how limited people explain things they dont understand.

  7. He reminds me that guy at Got talents show Gadis Kandis(i believe its his name)

  8. 迮 郅迮郕訄郇迡 訄邾邿 迡邽邿 邽邾 赲 邽郋邽邽 郱訄郈邽郅邽郅

  9. Grandmaster thinks ahead of you.. may be 50 moves ahead of you 不不

  10. Please refrain from posting content where they blasphemy

  11. I would rather visit a Hall of Shame (HoS) than a Hall of Fame (HoF). But knowing how things work in the West, leftists will put Donald Trump in the HoS, way before Hitler and the other villains.

  12. i'm sure putin send him as a spy to play chess

  13. It's pathetic they make them sit there and answer inane questions from idiots.

  14. Dumb questions deserve exactly those answers. Great guy!

  15. "you need a truckload to defeat me in chess"

  16. Great Entertainer, dude would be a great chess commentator.

  17. If Franz Kafka's books were a person it would be this guy.

  18. Well Hall of Shame shouldnt be about self. Never even joke lame words on yourself just to make people laugh.

  19. WHEN THE DOG IS SUS 儭♀互互扒戊尹劾休扒扒扒扒屢綾丑綾儭儭儭儭賅

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