Woman Grandmaster Goes Undercover Against Chess Hustlers

I was on my way to a night out and saw people playing chess… so this is what I decided to do 😈

This was played in Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square.

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  1. The boards looked out of sync..well end of second game,or I'm reading this wrong.

  2. The only thing more anti-climactic than a game that ends in a draw is a game that ends in a resignation. Don't be pussies, play till checkmate. I also hate it when they do not update the graphic of the chessboard to show exactly where everything is in real time. I do not know if she won all these games or lost them all, or what.

  3. WGM is a bogus title, there is no world championship, chess is a big business now, and the money goes to the cool kids and the "hotties." Game is solved anyway.

  4. Imagine other channels putting 'man grandmaster' in their titles…

  5. Oh you are a woman, I thought you are a man. refering to your title

  6. What's up with all the black knee high socks standing around?

  7. Why not take the Black Queen with the White Queen at the 5:20 mark?

  8. Unwatchable with the lame music playing

  9. the rap in the background is so annoying while watching chess

  10. Pandemic kills over a million in USA.
    Place hand on public table.
    Touch mask right in front of mouth, or wear mask under chin and touch actual mouth.
    Shake and repeat.
    Apply logic? Not us; we are chess masters!

  11. Question: How could anyone not recognize you? It's like … beyond comprehension >.<

  12. Qiyu you are really pretty and inteligent woman

  13. The second game's embedded board did not match the game well at all.

  14. Who are the people in gray shorts and black socks?

  15. I don't think she can reasonably go undercover without putting on a fake mustache.

  16. β€œUh this guy sucks don’t waste your time”. Lol

  17. can anyone explain to me what happened in the first game, why he lost?

  18. VERY COOL! Somebody there was Jammin to Shuggie Otis!!!

  19. Are they playing mos def while playing or is the music edited in?

  20. A-hole who lost the first game wouldn't even shake hands with her.

  21. I'm not one of those people.. but you're a grand master sweetie, the W doesn't matter.
    You are a grand Master at being a woman though πŸ˜ƒ

  22. thats crazy to surrender just bc you hang queen… dude is still up 2 bishops and can take knight once his queen is captured….?

  23. It's funny how stockfish think that every move is a bad move and loses advantage

  24. Good game. Loved the soundtrack 😊

  25. The first guy was a sore loser, not even a handshake. Disgrace. Probably is sexist pig and can’t stand losing to a intelligent woman

  26. Greatest invention ever… The Mute Button!


  28. playing chess with lady playing in the background is just pure and raw vibes

  29. I'm wondering why the music is allowed in this video but it's muted in other videos (like the Magnus clips)

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