WION Fineprint: Iranian chess player warned not to return after competing without Hijab

Iranian chess player Sara Khadem arrived in Spain on Tuesday after receiving what a source close to her said were warnings not to return to Iran for competing without a hijab at an international tournament in Kazakhstan.

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  1. Other countries will welcome this young lady and with open arms

  2. And iran is a good country? The people need to keep fighting this loser regime

  3. Very ignorant behavior over a HIJAB?? Ugh all women should leave those countries and let the men have each other if you know what I mean, they don’t deserve women!! They’re disgusting.

  4. Man she’s fine. She needs a good white man in her life

  5. What's the problem! She was in another country, she's under no obligation to wear that Hijab! Putting people at risk for a piece of clothing… We are in the 21st century FFS!

  6. In some countries we need 4 body guards for women who wear Hijab from attacks

  7. Cult religion with cult practises… Insecure minds and ILLiterates … Not surprised.. An illiterate is seen as God's messenger and best of mankind who didn't understand a thing,muhameed fooled them and still people follow him blindly

  8. Iran is backwards & disgusting. Human Rights NOW. A Woman gave birth to You.

  9. Maybe should wear hijab in Iran but not required outside because in Rome do as Romans do

  10. The problem in the West is that they interfer with other places which is not their own traditions so that I think it would be important to wear hijab in those places but not other places having the different values

  11. they are afriad of a teen girl… Says it all… Pathetic and sad old men with low IQs

  12. @💋: Muchos "hombres" son niños pequeños e ignorantes asustados de las niñas fuertes e inteligentes que aprenderían que en realidad es un estúpido y que no se puede confiar en él.

    Piensa y haz por ti misma niña.

  13. Pissslam 🤮 and black tents 🐧 free world is the only option left.

  14. Smart move Iran, the fewer feminist in a Country the better…. my Country is over flowing with them and my country is collapsing

  15. Nobody warned her, She did because asylum.

  16. Shes a smart woman,shes is a warrior she will flourish now.
    Jin Jiyan Azadî

  17. Yeah,
    That religion is all about equality and peaceful
    Same as Mia kalifha is virgin..!!

  18. well she can come live in australia
    we could do with a few more chess players.

  19. She shouldn't return.
    No female in her right mind should ever return there.

  20. What else did you expect within an outdated male dominated culture.

  21. She shouldn't return. For her life's sake.

  22. The competitiveness and winning in any sports is irrespective of the dress code!

  23. She's a chess champion ergo she's intelligent and can see what morons the 7th Century cretins are.

  24. Gyong ngngnib n ang buhy mo s Iran bkt k bblik pra mpty k at mkpgybng n nmn ang kameini nyn wg mong hyaan n mgmit ang bngky mo lbn s srili mong mmyn dpt mgmit ang bngky mo pra mging mtpng Ms luks ang loob ng mga Iranian yn dpt mngyri kailngn mo PNG mbuhy pra s ikbubuti ng iran mging mtlino k at mtpng wg mo clng iwan lumbn at mgtgumpy yn lng ang praan!

  25. She and all female Iranian chess champs defected.

    Good work.

    In Canada, we have so many smart and educated Iranians. I love it. These terrorist regimes are just losing so much brain power.

  26. What an amazing video. Wonderful Iran women 👌 . Thanks for this video.

  27. 🇮🇳🇮🇱🇮🇳🇮🇱🇮🇳🇮🇱

    Best Friend Forever Against Iran ♾️🕉️🥇💪🏻

  28. What a strong woman! Hats off to all the women in Iran for standing against this oppressive regime!

  29. Women need to be kept in line…nice work Iran

  30. Khureshi tribal culture= put cloth on head or cracked skull freedom of choice. She needed a cool head after using brain 🧠 intensely

  31. I feel like her family will be in danger as a result of her defection.

  32. She is playing in her personal capacity. Not representing Iran. So law does not apply to her… Stoopid patriarchal tyrants.

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