Win Chess in just 2 Moves Only! #Shorts

This how you win in chess in 2 moves. It is also known as the Fool’s Mate it is the shortest checkmate possible in the game of chess. You can only play this if your opponent play the same set of moves hence it is rare but still possible. If you want to learn how to play chess or chess tricks do subscribe the channel.
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  1. What opposite Queen has option to checkmate us

  2. Btw jo kings hai na vo ek hi side khade hai to this trick fails

  3. Where do you bought this chess bord from ?

  4. We can only use who are so great 😸😸

  5. Next video how to win chess in just 1move

  6. Its called the Barnes Opening – Fool's Mate

  7. Next video:
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    Step 1: Make sure they don’t have legs

  8. I watched all your ,shorts, videos ,thats cool bro !!
    Keep updates frequently!!

  9. That is what I do but they don't get fooled

  10. The queen's place and king's place is not right

  11. Well i did win a fools mate in a competition 😅😅

  12. If my small brother plays with me I can win this is one move

  13. Bro first soldier will move two steps second soldier will not move two steps

  14. When your opponent thought he was going to play Checkers instead of Chess 🙄

  15. Thank you so much bro iam your subscriber from now

  16. भाई अगर किसी ने कोई दूसरा मुंह चल गया तो क्या होगा

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