Will India’s Reigning Champion Stop Magnus? + Hikaru v. So | Airthings Masters 2023 – Semifinal!

Featuring the reigning Champions Chess Tour winner, Magnus Carlsen, and Global Champion, Wesley So, the new season kicks off with the Airthings Masters; the first of six star-studded tournaments! A record $2 million prize pot will be on offer in the 2023 season of the Champions Chess Tour—making it the richest and most prestigious annual circuit in chess history.


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  1. It's impossible to be a top chess player, and Gianni Versace at the same time. Alireza can kiss goodbye any world chess champion ambitions.

  2. Interesting format. Losing match in the early rounds ( an uphill climb since you have to beat more opponents) still gives you the hope of winning the tournament.

  3. Excellent setup and job by the commentators. Keep up the great work!

  4. What happened to Hikaru, what happened in his family

  5. I cant believe the coverage got even worse. It is so annoying trynna watch this

  6. Not a big fan of the capture sound for every single move.

  7. Commentary is awesome. Robert is great in this setting, and will only get better as he gets more comfortable (i.e. day 1 intro I could tell he was nervous… but doing great now!)

  8. Gukesh seems like a cool dude, 16 going on 30

  9. close game of hikaru vs wesley is just not shown poor stream quality.

  10. I miss jovanka's in-game analysis. Push that pawn!

  11. Tanya doesn’t need to be there. She too bias toward India it’s disgusting. The Duke 🤴 here.🥕

  12. Could the rounds possibly be called 'Qualifying' and 'Elimination' or similar?
    Winning and losing, as so named, have some issues….

  13. Really should work how to cover both armageddons fully instead of switching to Magnus the move before it is over.


  15. The chess bra boys are on magnus's side?

  16. Great commentary and two of the most beautiful ladies I've ever seen. What more can you ask for.

  17. Can anyone please tell what private problem hikaru had ?

  18. The capture sounds every time they analyse, makes me go nuts

  19. Poor Jovanka, tossed to the side of the road.

  20. What's crazy is I can't find anywhere on the entire internet how the brackets progress. Is the loser of Magnus/Hikaru still in it, and then they could possibly have a rematch in the main final?

  21. David got a GF now. This is a big news!!!

  22. Need to fix the brightness issue whenever the main board is switched to analysis. Capture noise is also very irritating – the Chess24 ding noise was better. And the board colour isn’t great either; it’s harder to see the black pieces. A light blue and white board might look better, with the brown and good brand colours worked into the background instead.

  23. Not sure why every one spammed Bb7 for the study kinda obvious that is a wasted move. I was taught to always seek opposition when possible. Guessing its Ke8, any one else see the same move.

  24. Remove Tania Sachdev, she's too aggressive, very subjective, acts manly, and is stupid enough to keep asking other commentators is Erigaisi is better than Carlsen in armageddon and etc.

  25. Idiots who set the table forgot that armageddon does not have increment. Please don't hire idiots for the job, they revealed all the preparations of Hikaru

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