Why You Are Bad At Chess

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0:00 Intro
1:02 Reason 1
5:00 Reasons 2 and 3

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  1. I don't want to sound smug, but Holy Boloni how are those guys rated 1000 with blundering checkmates like that?!?!?
    I know my main 2 weaknesses. 1 I can address. It's not having complete command of the openings and their variations.
    No. 2 is a big tricky. Cause not only do I not fall for reason no. 2, but I'm completely on the other spectrum, meaning, I'm constantly on the lookout what my opponent wants to do, and I play sort of "reaction chess", super defensive, super tentative. I don't know how to address the latter.

  2. I did not see that P f6 makes more sense you were entirely correct q x N is selfish

  3. I'm definitely outside the range, I'm rated 121 😕

  4. this video really inspired me to play chess again…thank you very much.

  5. Me winning 5 games in a row but still watching the video: iMprOvmEnt

  6. Gotta say I played someone 200 above my Elo after listening while focusing on the points he is making here and I absolutely smashed props levy you know your shit

  7. I suck more at chess than YouTube coders suck me

  8. Thank you for insulting a lot of us, now… I know how to play chess, however I cannot EVER seem to get checkmate. I never use my Queen unless absolutely necessary, I don't always kill off all my pawns, I don't fully understand how to utilize my Knights or Bishops or exactly how and when to and not use the King. What am I doing wrong?

  9. Thank you levy, because of your videos I got my first brilliant move today, and it was 3 brilliant moves.

  10. Needed somebody to scold me regarding my chess negligence today, thank you Levy

  11. 𝑱𝒖𝒏𝒚𝒐𝒓𝒛𝒆𝒊𝒓𝒂 says:

    I just feel dumb,but it was good to hear some trues

  12. I was laughing because man did i not make every single blunder 😂

  13. I didn't even see were is the king because of the caption

  14. I always get black and the only opening for black i knoe is kings indian i lose 5 games as black win 2 as white its not fucking fair anymore

  15. I am 1800 and i fall in first category i am usually worse out of the opening

  16. I know this isn’t really an achievement but for me it is I finally reached 700 after like idk how much time really I’m on and off most of the time but I’m close to reaching 800 and I like that I’m starting to see my mistakes and improve

  17. why these 1200 players weaker than 400 players

  18. Levy whenever I try london system the enemy takes my pawn before I finish the pyramid after that I start losing without blunder but with miss and mistake im 359 elo pls tell me instead if london which opening can help me I will learn vienna and spanish today but can you tell some more good and easy opening to learn

  19. 14:44

    I want you in my room

    Let's spend the night together

    From now until forever

  20. I Literally beat Nelson with no video help BUT I'M STILL AT 100 ELO NO CAP!

  21. I Won Only 3 Games so I'm actually Not bad at chess, just makes mistakes by accident

  22. "Why you are bad at chess"
    Magnus Carlsen: WHAT DA HAIL YOU SAY

  23. To your first question what’s the best move. Queen takes was a thought but honestly i thought bishop f6 like blocking the queen at least. I also thought about the „fork“ protected by the pawn and the queen but didn’t saw the knight move.

  24. I'm 1300 and a guy played a scholars' mate against me. I was really shocked to see this at that rating.

  25. I like Gotham chess a lot but he can NOT teach chess 😂

  26. You are right. But also trying to figure out what the opponent is trying to make you do. But you can't. And when you are attacked there is not much you can do but frustration. I lose all the F*cking time. I am fed up! A F*cking loser is what I am.

  27. Naw fr i thought he was going to say "because your not 2000 elo"

  28. i’m bad at chess cause i can’t order your flipping book TILL OCTOBER.

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