Why Pro Chess Players Write Down Their Moves…


  1. When I was active in the USCF, a ranked game had to be at least SD/30 time controls, and my understanding was that you had to write down all of the game moves unless you had less than five minutes on the clock. Mind you, that understanding may have been flawed. There also wasn't really per-move increment in tournaments, so yeah.

  2. I have to say, on clocked games, it's shit, especially if it was blitz or bullet

  3. They're just doing that to you so you can run down your timer faster

  4. Or make a board with sensors and have a computer do all the work so you can just focus on the match

  5. Don't think it has to do with cheating with all those cameras there.

  6. One camera and laptop can do that job over very little time cheaper than the stacks of paper.

    FIDA seems like a worthless incompetent PoS. Should just start using a trustworthy and competent source. Meanwhile chess is as rtrdd as checkers.

  7. How about just hire someone to write down each player's moves. Hire two if it's too hard. Guess FIDE is on a strict budget.

  8. they're literally being recorded now, it's makes no sense to write them down now

  9. HIS?!?! Shouldn't it be THEY/THEM/THEY'RE

  10. Chess is better when the move is allowed, as long as the piece doesn’t get caught
    If it’s caught then the piece is immediately disqualified (pawn upgrade also).. you would only cheat because the piece would eventually get stuck or die so if the cheat is noticed by the player it goes, otherwise the game goes on

  11. "cheapest", that's the keyword. There are magnetic pieces which can obey to the timer. About 50 to 200 bucks and you can have one, but yea, lets go with the 5 dollars table and make them stop to take notes. Damn.

  12. This is stupid. We have cameras and make a board that counts for you. No need to write down every your move 😂 walk with progress not bringing something stupid cause that’s tradition. Disqualify. 😂 why? False start at Olympics disqualification and so on. Stop nonsense stupid traditions. Play the game the way modern world works. You wanna check the best of the best great give everyone the chance to prove it. They ain’t there to write down anything. Their job is to play the game that’s it

  13. I think just make some busy😂 not seriously to hard thinking

  14. wrong. You will not get disqualified. You lose the game.

  15. Imagine if we had like this thing that could watch the game and then u could look at it again later

    Oh wait

  16. Me:*writhing down my move*
    My friend: we playing chess not a turn base rpg

  17. Players also discuss their moves after the match, they sit down and ask why did you do this and that, so the two players go through the game together to help improve. I played a lot of chess and had 1800 fide at 15, this improves gameplay a lot

  18. So basically you can lose solely by writing too slow

  19. bro really said ‘top players’ like every person who’s ever played in a tournament before knows this 😂😂

  20. So i guess i am a professional chess player then. Its mandatory in classical amateur chess aswell.
    Its also great, because you can analyze the game afterwards and slowly build up a database with all your otb games

  21. I don't understand that number though with that small box

  22. I have never played chess . It looks like a really hard game

  23. imagine having to write down move while it's 10 second left.

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