Why Magnus Carlsen Became The Best Chess Player…

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  1. I just wish more people had a father like Hendrik

  2. Most ruthless and most vicious champion that had ever been…


  4. This is why people are skeptical of hans, in one hand you have someone like magnus who the upmost respect for the game, has this type of life experience with chess,the support from his family knowing they had something special. In the other hand you have someone who has openly cheated, obviously doesn’t respect the game and is a bit on the sketchy side about showing variations. Idk how some people can still question the scandal

  5. 3:15 “catastrophic defeat” is what i call all my chess sessions

  6. Was Carlson conscious enough to have let Gary win out of respect for his pride.. hmm I wonder

  7. the dangerous combination of being a genius, hard work, and an amazing family

  8. Now tell us about "projects" that didn't live up to expectations and hype: Negi, Nyzhnyk etc.

  9. You have to think long term.

    He definitely did❤.

  10. To give everyone an idea regarding his draw againts kasparov (during that time kasparov was considered the best chest player in history, beating everyone prior to their match “magnus v kasparov” kasparov has attained a position where no one can reach, even winning a chess game against every chess master in the world at the same time (kasparov v the world). So a draw againts kasparov is considered a win, not to mention the age of magnus when playing againts against kasparov

  11. "Behind every GOAT is a 2000 FIDE parent." – Magnum Carlos

  12. Simen is such an inspiration football and chess 😍

  13. Imagine he used that intelligence for something actually productive and cool. What a waste of genius brainpower..

  14. € 7K: "not a lot"
    €12K: "very large amount"

    Bro, you in need of a math course? 😂

  15. Really informative video ❤❤great justice for the unsung heroes behind magnus success.
    You got a subscription ❤.

  16. We need info about the mother and her decisions as well….

  17. came back here after he won his 1st world cupp🏆

  18. Lol the no colour edit like this was 40 years ago.. sad edit

  19. so i cant become a chess pro without knowing all of the countries

  20. you can"t get 2.5/9 with 4 draws.. it is wrong

  21. Magnus has the tenacity of a full blown s tier m2 abrahms

  22. And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer. – Hans Gruber

  23. I will make myself improve even If I don't have support

  24. Behind every great genius/athlete is whole lot of work and support from parents and coaches. Just look at Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura.

  25. That support was amazing.who would do that. If my family supported me like that in my younger years maybe I was an IM now at least FM now what a great story

  26. We always see the man behind the pieces and we forgot (most of us) the family that supported him throughout his career.

  27. He didn’t dominate anything. He is a stupid player

  28. I have to point out, that Magnus hasn't forgot his family after getting rich and famous.

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