Why is Magnus Carlsen so good?

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  1. Magnus remembers Levy games better than him.

  2. “I defeated Magnus Carlson.” -Levy on the 1st of April.

  3. Obviously Magnus is like a woman who remembers EVERYTHING. Even the MISTAKES THAT HAPPENED FOREVER AGO 😂

  4. There’s no such thing as a perfect loo- 😮😂

  5. Good response for people not acquainted wiþ chess, incomplete for medium term members of ðe community

  6. Lol. Magnus is just a useless player who cheats to win matches. 😂😂😂 Garry is better.

  7. Chess is just a complicated version of tic tac toe if you put two super AI that some how knows every possible moves the end results will always be a draw

  8. Brottha he ain't even born in 1951 unless he like 72

  9. Its like Maurice Ashley said once upon a time "noone grinds like Magnus" wonder if the Botez sisters agree? ❤

  10. Bobby Fischer was so ahead of his time when he predicted that the future of chess was memorization.

  11. It's Autism, bro. Magnus has a photographic memory of every game he's ever played and he learned by playing against Microsoft Chess Titans set to level 10.

  12. The interviewer..😵‍💫

  13. Magnus is a savant and in the functional either Aspergers/autism spectrum. Look up Kim Peek. He remembered everything he read. He could tell you what day of the week any date was on. I don't know the level of savant magnus is on. It could be that it only applies to chess. The fact that he can remember every game, is unreal. I'm actually wondering if it gives him an unfair advantage, muchike steroids in baseball give the player an "unfair" advantage. (If you ask me, than the players NOT taking steroids shouldn't complain of the unfair advantage. Everone involved with sports knows the risk of steroids. No one has to suffer the consequences of their choice to take them but them.) that said, I'm glad steroids are banned, I'm just trying to say that maybe Magnus Carlson's memory gives him an "unfair" advantage.

  14. test this guy on a genetic level. aminoprofile, hormones everything. what is it that makes him so good?

  15. having the sets of tools to be the number 1 cant osmosis its ways by simping my dude, sorry

  16. its the mushrooms. like how the berserks used it to power up before a fight.

  17. Yes, in soviet bars they play chess instead of drink vodka

  18. Facts Period his memory is just off the charts.who do you know that can remember every town state and country in the world wth I don't know how he loses tbh

  19. I think it’s the passion and , killer instinct to crush your opponent makes you naturally remember those games .

  20. I will be world champion one day, I can't wait to shake his hand

  21. It's not memory. It's his ability to problem solve.

  22. Magnus remembers some match he played in a bar in Soviet Union back in 1951 ?

  23. Learning this game as a kid makes you a natural gm in the future (like me)i'm joking but not. Sorry for my ego boys.

  24. Fischer remembered every game as well. Soviet games that the Soviets forgot.

  25. Magnus 1st words at birth:
    Hello Ma, Pa, World, Chack mate !

  26. Nobody knew it was a campaign game until Magnus beat chess.

  27. Baydrix New Zealand War Robot Fanatics says:

    I love levi Gotham chess! This Guy is the reason chess is booming in 2023. Watch a few vids see why for yourself.. hes on point and fucking hallerious. My ello 700 – hovering 1200

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