Why I hate Chess.com

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  1. 'am I mated or am I getting mated'
    A dogs entire thought process.

  2. Congrats levy on reaching 4 millions subs!

  3. I started watching this channel because I liked the way Gotham teaches chess I stayed because Gotham beats dogs in chess 😀

    Edit : my grammar is sh*t I am in the rain so can't be bothered to type anways bye

  4. Calling APS cause levy id beating his dog…

  5. when you realise that Levy's dog has a higher elo than Lucy:

  6. Buddy Buckets is from the dog basketball movie Air Bud lol

  7. watching him lose the hung bishop makes me feel better about my terrible chess skillz

  8. Congrats man 4 Million subscribers!!🔥🔥

  9. Are you ran out of content so now you're slaming on dog bots? Or is this satire?

  10. hey levy benji is now 1824 you should try to beat him again

  11. Dog Chess Bot Tier List:

    4000: Brian from Family Guy, literally visits the multiverse
    3500: Cujo, a total savage on the chess board
    3000: Lassie, always rescues bad positions
    2500: Wishbone, read every book on chess theory ever made and cosplayed them
    2000: Rin Tin Tin, a real gunslinger
    1500: Scooby Doo, accidental detective who falls for every gambit, calls unguarded pieces Scooby Snacks
    1000: Snoopy, good player who runs out of time falling asleep a lot
    500: Pluto, has no real plan at all

  12. well, I guess a dog is better at chess than I am now, lol

  13. Help me here pls, isn't horse to c6 at time 13:03 simply threatening mate that can be avoided only by losing black queen?

  14. Cats are just better than dogs. Dogs are a little dim. It is what it is.

  15. "Am I doing the mating? I can't tell."

    We've all been there Levy

  16. British and American Chess are completely different in the American one you play without the 2 rooks and in the British one, you play without a queen 💀

  17. I've beat him at 1600, it's outdated info. He's now 1824 🙂. Probably will beat him last time without major complications and then his strength will equal one of Gothamchess bot 😛.

  18. BTW Ponchik is polish Pączek, which sounds close like "pawn check" 😛.

  19. If I get beat by levi's dog.., man i would be so angry you know…
    Imagine the dog's is more intelligent than human it would be really tragic also…😂😂😂

  20. "Am I getting Mated, am I doing the Mating? I dont know" – Levy Rozman 2023

  21. The ending to this video means we're eventually going to get a "My dog beat me (at chess)" video.

  22. Thank you bro I just learned chess how to play just because of you thank keep going love you and I want to Learn more peace

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