Why I hate Chess.com

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  1. I honestly and deeply dislike Buddy Buckets. He is unoriginal (He is literally Emir, 1350 elo)? he tries to scholar's mate everyone throughout the entire game and his quotes are infantile.

  2. levy’s dog is higher rated than his own wife dam

  3. Will Benji become grandmaster before Gothamchess does?

  4. Levy is getting bad …
    He was beating kids few weeks ago and now he beats his own dog .

    Stop this man before he starts to beat his wife for content

  5. Got a brilliant move against Pinky by sacrificing… THE ROOOOOOOK.
    Youd be proud if you saw it, great video!

  6. Levy: I just want to play Benji
    promotes 4 knights against Wishboy

  7. Levy your dog has been kicking my butt. 2 times i had him and blundered in epic fashion. Im a dog trainer so somehow its kinda extra embarrassing.

    Hope Benji is being a good boy, give him a tummy rub and a treat for me.

  8. I know you didn’t want to beat your dog at all 😂 but after pawn c5, instead of queen b6 check, you had the magnificent knight c6, game over, worst case scenario you win his queen but that’s Benji !!

  9. Levy: Benji is not the best dog bot.

    Half the people watching: Well he’s better than me

  10. Dont worry, benji is now a higher elo of around 1-2k

  11. Hikaru says he losses to bots all the time. They don't rely on familiar moves, they just explore all moves and never blunders. 2600 bot is just bloody murder. I was impressed by your rook sacrifice though. Gaining anything back on a 2600 bot is not easy.

  12. Nice, I defeated that gorgeuos boi when he was 300 and now its seems like ive destroyed a 1800 chess bot 🙂

  13. About time someone articulated this. It’s been happening for months.

  14. You sacrificed your Rook and almost hung mate bc of your first idea

  15. Benji's been practicing, maybe you should play him again.

  16. I'm playing Chess against Benjy six days later!!! PLEASE send help I'm dying please send help to this adress- dies

  17. lol,"ponchik"?
    first was "mittens"
    what's so special about giving Russian names 🤣

  18. WithScience As My Sheperd I Sleep A Carefree Sheep says:

    Think Benji was 1863 when I last played him…

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