why do I hear boss music? (original)

This hot garbage went viral on Reddit.
Chess world champion Anatoly Karpov wipes Misha Osipov from existence.
Russian TV show with subtitles:
Song: Dark Souls III Soundtrack OST – Vordt of the Boreal Valley


  1. Misha: uses knife once
    Russia: BOOM tetris for jonas

  2. Очень интересно, где русские коммы? /Very interesting, where's, russian comments?

  3. He’s so scared 😂😂😂

  4. And this is how you make fake news. By cutting the content in the middle.

  5. Misha: * kicks a ball *
    Host: You're up against Diego Maradona, back from the dead and in his prime

  6. Kid was terrified when announcer said USSR, "What? I dunno what that coutry evem is??????!!!!"

  7. at the end the kid say mummy me when somreone is going to kidnap me

  8. Misha:” MOMMY ÆÆÆÆÆÆÆ
    「IT」Anatoly” time to die you little sh#t

  9. The only thing that's worse than exile in Siberia

  10. Imagine your just a 3 year old child going on a tv show for a kind and friendly chess battle, and then the announcer starts summoning satan

  11. Disregarding the meme, it’s amazing that they brought Karpov to play against this kid. I bet he’ll remember it for the rest of his life, albeit not very fondly 🤣

  12. You knew shit just got real when he said ….. " champion of the USSR "

  13. господи это западное видео, ребят, вы смотрите наши шоу? даже мы их не смотрим

  14. Kid had to face Karpov, but only came to beat Hitler

  15. This makes total sense to me. Humble that child real quick.

    You think you're good at chess? Hah, try your luck against a world champion. You are nothing but a child.

    I try to live this philosophy with my children as well.

    When my 5 year old daughter draws me a picture, I hold it up next to the mona Lisa and comment on how pitiful my daughter's attempt was before throwing the picture in the trash.

    Try again kid, you're not good enough for praise.

    I also apply this to my wife. If she asks me how her butt looks, I just reply, it definitely doesn't look like Beyonce's butt.

    As you can imagine, my wife and children love me for helping them excel.

  16. Any Asian country: "this kid has potential; let's scold and beat the hell out of him until he's perfect"
    I've heard from many Asian people that it's worse if youre Asian yourself and have Asian parents who are this way… Most of them have depression PTSD and can't hold a job nor a relationship because they're always looking for acceptance from their significant other or their boss and they believe that they're never good enough for anyone and at times even their selves… Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about this for Asians or if it's just a stereotype 🗿

  17. You all have been very naughty and made a terrible mess! Time for you all to open your closets and clearn your room! Every room. For all that is in the shadow shall now be made bare and as obvious, as it actually always has been.


  18. Pov: the first boss you get to fight in elden ring.

  19. I'm polish so i know a bit of what's he's saying, and i must say it really adds to the experience, it makes it feel like if he was casting a spell

  20. You can only get better by playing someone better than you

  21. Omg his face. That was so.cute. he's probably a really big fan too. Or i hope. I hope he wasn't scared of him. He's so young. Lol dude was summoned from the depths of he'll. I loved his ingroducgion

  22. karpov was ussr agent, the true master was kornchoy

  23. A bit of context from the entire interview:

    The kid is crying because he managed to defeat Antoly Karpov but then realised that was just phase 1

  24. That’s like walking into yharnam and orphan of kos j7mps you in an alley

  25. Im disappointed Anatoly's health bar isnt quadraple stacked with 2 layers of shield to penetrate

  26. This is the equivalent of you winning your first basketball game and then the host brings fukin LeBron James.

  27. bro heard 12th world campion and he went oh shit

  28. when I went to the boss but remembered that you have 50 k souls: 00:46

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