Why Do Chess Players Cheat?

Hellooooo, in this video I go over some reasons why chess players may cheat, in wake of the cheating scandal… yes… a new one, thats basically just Kramnik making up statistics against Hikaru, peak entertainment, I know.

Thank you again for 500 subscribers!! It means a lot to me, genuinely!!

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  1. Hi there!
    Nice video and I'd like you to stream playing chess online, would be fun to watch.
    Btw i like your pronunciation soooo much, it's soooo British!
    Keep it up and good luck on your journey of growing your channel 🎉

  2. cool vid explains cheating in chess without wasting time

  3. I subscribed bcoz she is beautiful & i also play chess ♟️🤍

  4. I had a friend that used cheat on lichess and get banned. (he played since 5 years old in my club) he stopped cheating and today he is 2350 on lichess and one of the strongest players in my club. I really dont know how.

  5. Really liked this video and think it's a great summary of the situation in chess. The temptation to cheat must be huge for a lot of these guys. Congrats on the 800 subs!!

  6. Regardless of whether you are a grandmaster or an amateur, I think you can do very good content, and I wish the best for your channel. The things you say are spot on but there's one problem:
    Why do you call chess players, including other grandmasters paranoid? Do you realize the magnitude of cheating both OTB and online? It's literally mind-boggling. Just because everybody keeps silence about it doesn't mean everything is fine in modern chess. One day the situation will come to a head. Of course, you can join the players who either keep silence or benefit from the situation.

  7. Incredible yt algorithm for recommending me this channel on my chess feed, and your video here has me intrigued.

  8. I think the main point here is that Kramnik is falsely accusing people for no reason other than his own ego.

  9. Kramnik is salty after hans beat him thats all to it

  10. I'm going to be honest I cheated on one lichess Account in order to have a higher rating and be able to play higher rated players than I could normally get.
    Because in my opinion playing higher rated players is the only way to improve and when I'm not cheating (I would never cheat in otb/rated chess or if money is on the line) i'm still a 2100 so I at least somewhat know a thing or two about chess and what i am talking about.

  11. the point of Kramnik is that cheating in chess is very easy, and gives the cheater a huge advantage; while in other sports it's the other way around. And yet, people are paranoid about cheating in other sports, but not in chess (which should be the other way around).
    Maybe it's because chess managers realise that it's impossible to reliably catch cheaters, so, they pretend the problem doesn't exist and ignore it?

  12. 3:20 this is what 90% of professional chess is — rote memorisation of positions. professional players study the best move of the engine in certain positions, and remember that move – their brains are huge databases of chess positions. engines ARE used for gaining this knowledge by the professionals

  13. You saying being good at chess isn't related to high intelligence is a little bit ironic lmao

  14. I will assume people don't like the thumbnail you used and makes them listen to anything you say with a closed mind and negative expectations. As Magnus says, "you can do better".

  15. >cute girl
    >making videos

    Watch her blow up in the span of 3 months

  16. What is up with your comment section? Your video discussing cheating is perfectly reasonable 🙂 It’s front page news in the Chess world.

  17. Because they are obsessed with rating. That's why I prefer to play anonymously and just enjoy the game.

  18. Saying Magnus pulled out because he was “defeated by a lower rated player” is pure buffoonary. Magnus KNEW Hans isn’t legit, and pulled after the first move.

  19. your tweets are in my timeline all of the time rn, but I cannot complain. Good video overall discussing this topic, keep up the good work!

  20. Cheating in online games in general is fascinating to me, it removes the element of “playing” from the game, which is after all the only thing it provides given that you aren’t a professional playing in tournaments.

  21. I doubt that they cheat!!! 🙌 Sacrificing the queen is a thing you only make on the board. 😌

  22. I ate a huge burger, and it messed up my stomach lol

  23. You just Quoted Fischer. I don't know if his the best person for you to get some quotes

  24. You should change this thumbnail⚠   This might damage impression and privilege of Hikaru!

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