Why Did the World’s Best Chess Player Go Insane?

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  1. He was quirky and sometimes incorrect in his beliefs.He could be biased and nasty.In short he was a lot like most people and if that constitutes "insane" then most of us are.As for claims the US government was out to get him it seems a very plausible claim.With Jews,well,taken as an aggregate,they are very powerful in their influence in matters of media,finance,NGO operations,the Israel lobby etc….that's not a conspiracy theory or even "anti-semitism" it's objectively true.That's we're not supposed to say it is only furth evidence of it.Doesn't mean BF didn't spew angry nonsense but most of us are guilty of having ranted unfairly of others at some time.

  2. so Why Did the World’s Best Chess Player Go Insane?

  3. I've seen so many super geniuses self destruct. You have to have more than your one narrow area of genius.

    Genius can be confusing, too, and lack of early nurturing can really mess a person up. Abandonment messes up any kid, no matter how bright they are.

    Also, when genius becomes your identity and you hide within it, to the extent that you don't develop emotionally and socially.
    And people celebrate it.
    Few, or no one, reaches out because the person is celebrated to the point where their emotional health is ignored.

  4. Wait. Do you say "firteen" rather than "thirteen"?

  5. Some highly motivated and prodigious people flame out because they don't see another way out. It can be subconscious.
    People can put someone like this on a pedestal and don't confront them for their bad behavior- the diva affect.

  6. I still consider him the best chess player in history, the goat. But unfortunately this guy was batshit crazy and if he had been able to keep that Insanity in check I think he would have set some records that would never be broken. It's amazing that he did what he did in such a short time frame and how young he was when he was beating Grandmasters. So while his career did not go on very long I think while he was at his best he was better than anyone in history. I'm 58 years old and I never really followed chess closely at all but I knew about him since I was a kid. Who knows what kind of bad things he experienced as a child, it doesn't sound like his mom was wrapped too tight either.

  7. Does any1 know the name of this music in the background

  8. the video just review his life and does not relate to the question in the title

  9. still trying to figure out what con-tre-va-sy is

  10. you forgot to mention that Mikhail Tal (soviet GM) who is loved and emulated by many players today for his attacking mindset, he had and amicable relationship with Fischer who liked the guy despite having a losing record against him. He even visited him in the Hospital and they had fun analyzing chess.

  11. People thought Fischer had a mental illness due to many of the things he said. Given recent US history, we might consider that anyone – even a genius – can be manipulated into thinking horrible things.

  12. In one game Fischer put his 41st move in the enveloppe as this was done then before adjournment. The whole nigth the russians had studied the position and knew either the game was drawn or Fischer had lost.

    There simply was no way for him to win or so they all tougth… come next morning, Fisher had on the board the previous day in a matter of minutes found the perfect combination to win with an innocent looking but deep pawn move.

    After the game they game they came to him asking how he could find such a move in so littls time. He then said : That was easy, a similar position was analysed in a previoys game (40 years before) You can read it on page "this number" in the russian proceedings of "this month and year"… He then added "I'm surprised "grand master so and so" that are part of his russian team did not remember that themselves…

    He was gifted yes, he was on the spectrum probably.. but to me I'm convince he had an eidetic memory… it does seems so obvious…

  13. A champion who let his ego get the best of him.

  14. By going insane you mean he realized truths that most of the world won't accept.

  15. as has been mentioned in the past many times, with great intelligence often comes great depression and dissatisfaction … xx

  16. In sports two teams play with a ball. In a game such as chess, the mind IS the ball.

  17. no doubt his seeming over reaction to match scheduling was born from the same source as his grasp for structure on the chess board.

  18. The thing is in 70s there were a lot less chess players in the world, the game now is easily accesible world wide, hence the chance of playing unbeaten is hugely lowered. More talents appear with the easy acces. 🙂

  19. What a really high IQ, but a what really low EQ. 😏

  20. Bobby Fischer also lived in Baguio City, Philippines and had a love child.

  21. Sounds like Fisher was SO incredibly intelligent, that dealing with, and living in, a world full of "normies" who could never understand him, drove him a little nuts. It happens with the very intelligent – they get to a point where they assume/think they're better/above everyone else, and don't have to follow the same rules and guidelines (because to them, they're just "stupid"). Our world is unfortunately not made for the very intelligent. We don't know what to do with them, and they in turn, with us.

  22. Bobby Fisher was a Brooklyn classmate of Barbra Streisand, she said he was a funny kid who was always reading Mad Magazine.

  23. A genius having unpopulated opinions is not insanity.. That's just what he was labeled as in order to silence him..

  24. i like competition, i wished he'd played more

  25. What is your opinion of Magnus Carlson at 15 years old??? He is still kicking butt in the Chess world!

  26. he wasnt insane, he just had no time for ordinary mortals and knew nothing else but chess.maybe, his outbursts, etc were all due to lack of experience and interaction with family & other people and reactions to the injustices he saw 'sane' people do.

  27. Garry Kasparov is another nutter & Carlson is either neurotic, or scamming the supposed cheating of his rival.

  28. streisand fancied him? I wonder if this continued once she knew he was antisemitic. I cannot think of him positively. However disturbed, there is no excuse for this vile behaviour.

  29. He was and is still the worlds greatest chess player

  30. Some Have the brains, lack the social filter
    Som have no brains,but have lots of money
    Som have the money but no respect for life
    Som love life but get cancer at a young age
    Life will never give us all we want
    Even the richest can’t have it all
    That is the irony of life

  31. i bet spassky knew his opponent was on the spectrum. helped the guy out. although it seemed he gave in to obtuse demands, i reckon it just truly levelled the field.

  32. Fischer never went insane, that's just what they call you when you point a finger at the one true evil. Even 7 years after his death the Juice made a movie to call him insane again.

  33. Good on Fischer for spitting on the face of the UN. Not everything legal is moral and coercion is never a good thing because humans need liberty.

  34. His mother was Jewish and he was an anti-Semitic. 😱

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