Why Did the World’s Best Chess Player Go Insane?

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  1. The Earth is Flat and Einstein was a "Globalist" tool.

  2. Update 7 mo. Later Fischer wasn't wrong he was just vocal about it in a bad way

  3. Because no one could tell him not to.
    The cartoon faces don't look anything like the actual people they refer to.

  4. Reminds me of Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn. The chess board was originally 2d, but 3d chess had come about soon, so that field was more the level 2d for Kahn while Kirk was benefited well versed in the action of space. 3d chess made all the difference.

    But why play chess alone when you could fly through the sky, or under the water, like a dragon burning the skies and corkscrewing through the place in dominant prowess of destruction.

    Imagine the submarine having the ability to turn all the sudden right around in the water, go up and down easily, and all the while having hot torpedo launch ready. Dragons of the Sea bottom.

  5. Anyone with obsessive habits knows why Bobby lost his mind. It’s a lonely life. I’m up to over 2,000 hours drawing and painting this year while working 12 hour swing shifts and overtime. I eat my dinners alone. I take walks alone. I spend my breaks drawing alone… The lack of human intimacy really messes your head up

  6. I don’t know why people treat insubordinate individuals like such. And I don’t know why his opponent gave a shit…

  7. Saying nice things, isn’t OK if they’re bullshit lies…

  8. I think Bobby was autistic… because he’s missing the point. He thinks the point of life is what you tell people the point of life is… that’s not why people are alive. There are more important things in life apparently this seems to be the general consensus I’m gonna post this year in case someone doesn’t know because nobody told me until it was too late. Is to be something you’re not that people tolerate so they’ll like you. And if nobody likes you they will literally starve you to death they will shut you out they will beat you they will rape you and if you’re unwilling to take their fucking drugs they would kill you. These drugs might be lithium or they could be fucking heroin depending on the culture you live in. I’m so sorry I will take neither but I will especially not take Heroin. You could give me a puppy give me three years to get attached to it and then hold a gun to the puppies head and say you’re gonna kill the puppy and blame it on me if I don’t do heroin and that Poppy is fucking dead. And then you could fucking hold a gun to my mothers head and say we’re gonna fucking shoot her in the head and you in the knees and then inject you with heroin anyways if you don’t take it voluntarily and my mother is a goner… But at that point so are you. Because sometimes the answer is no!

  9. Bobby Fischer didn't go insane, you are just continuing jewish slander against a man who spoke the truth.

  10. I mean he was anti-semetic, that is just horrible isnt it? good things their are laws against that! Gods chosen people shall not be questioned!!!

  11. "He thought modern games were all fixed and run by computers" he was 100% right

  12. Great film. Thank you.

  13. Bob likely had Asperger syndrome, but also became a paranoid schizophrenic which cut him off from reality to the extent that he willingly destroyed himself and alienated everyone he came in contact with. His high IQ was much more of curse than a blessing and in no way did it enhance his quality of life.

  14. The man was born like 80 years ago, so qualifying his words as "unforgivable" is utterly delusional and self-centered
    Oh, and any gamer would know this fact : miracles don't exist, and people constantly winning against top-level opponents go by a name : they're called cheaters

  15. Fischer‘s opinion that computers killed the game is not entirely wrong and I disagree with you listing it with his gross opinions.

  16. I don't know that referring to him as "insane" is fair

  17. Because Satan new he was smarter then him so he attack him and no body pray for him

  18. I would drop the eugenic ideas if I were you. There's a reason eugenics died. Of course, I'm talking about the genes stuff.

  19. So you revere him as a genius for chess skills but call him paranoid and crazy because he understands the conspiracy that is the American/world government?

    Why are people so in denial about the true state of the world?

  20. the skill level is hgiher than the 70ies bobby wouldnt even place in top 5 without years of playing against a cpu

  21. You know, being labeled with a mental illness isn’t as difficult as you think. All you have to do is be forced to go into a mental hospital obviously against your will because it’s forced and without ever even talking to you, you will be diagnosed with some thing and before a doctor even sees you you were already taking the pills for like two days.

  22. Had never heard of either of them (chess is not my thing) Kind of reminds me of the character Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) I could see him making "crazy" demands and whatnot. Apparently geniuses be crazy 🤪

  23. Im so fascinated with people like this

  24. CD Projekt DOWNGRADE@sony/ms/ubisoft.coN says:

    Just because he dropped out of the mainstream does not mean he went insane. He never went insane and there are videos of him as an older man that prove it. Eccentric is not insane. Paranoid about couple things in life isn't "insane" either.

  25. I think fischer would've been sort of fine if whatever he says or does wasn't documented and broadcasted for the rest of the world to see. If he was left alone he would've been just another dumb edgy person. However given his chess capabilities that was pretty impossible….

  26. I find Spasky a more interesting and maybe even more likable character.

  27. Por culpa de estos idólatras la gente cree que es prodigio y fenómeno,pero la verdad es que hay que trabajar mucho mucho mucho mucho

  28. Einstein was a fraud!
    That’s a real thing, look into it.
    Henry Poncare created E=MCsquared. Einstein stole it.
    It’s incorrect.

  29. If you remove Spassky’s second win (the forfeit), Bobby F won the match 7-2

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