Why did the Greatest Chess player of all time, go Insane?

There is a fine line, between utter brilliance and insanity. In this video we explore why the greatest chess player of all time ended up going insane.

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  1. Bobby Fischer was one of the greatest of all time…

  2. I think that Tal stare was a factor in all this.

  3. Hi Nasar, anymore squash videos?

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    Hi Nasar, anymore squash videos?

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  9. It is impressive in the way this person is left after being one of the best chess players, this video is very entertaining

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  21. I think he was an unmarketable American champion that accomplished a mind-boggling feat at the time. And that was a problem for America.

  22. He didn’t go Insane. Shame on this videos creator..

  23. 1. The world championship game was a huge deal in the cold War era.
    2. The US state Department had alot to do with Bobby's willingness to play in the match.
    3. He was looked at as an American hero for defeating the Russian during the cold War.
    4. After the match, media across the nation would consistently ask him what will he do now, and tell him there was more to life than chess.
    5. He stopped playing due to this.
    6. Once convinced to start playing again, the US betrayed him because he played a board game in a nation with an embargo against it.
    7. They were going to arrest him and fine him 20 million dollars for playing a board game.

    Now with this perspective, just imagine what you would do in that situation. You can't blame him for losing it a bit.

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  25. Magnus hasnt gone insane, at least not yet

  26. Bobby " saw behind the curtain ". How the world really works. For that he is called insane. Did you ever stop to consider that he might be the sane one? The dead dont defend themselves very well. Just saying.

  27. The story of Bobby Fischer is one of the saddest stories I’ve heard. From a young charismatic man with all of the potential in the world, to seeing him as a paranoid disheveled old man is heartbreaking. Once Bobby lost chess I think he lost everything. I actually don’t think Bobby went "insane" I just think he was a victim of his circumstances. Bobby spent most of his time alone playing chess by himself. Bobby took on the Soviet chess machine alone and won by himself. Bobby never knew his father and his mother died when he was a fugitive. Bobby was used as a political tool in a much bigger game. Obviously there were things Bobby said that are simply unforgivable, but there are also many things he said that might seem "insane" but actually made sense like when Bobby said modern chess is nearly pointless because it’s all memorizing positions based on computer analysis, which is actually completely true. Greatest chess player of all time in my opinion. Very sad we couldn’t see him dominate chess for 10-20 years.

  28. I would not say that he was the greatest of all time. Well, he was brilliant but this doesn't make him the one. There were defensively players which could overshadow Fisher's success: Kasparov, Tal and many others

  29. He was never the greatest of all time. But I understand, this kind of topic attracts a lot of debates speculating over what Bobby "coulda woulda shoulda" achieved.

  30. Karpov Serbian? Young Serbian? Your video was good but you made a mistake Karpov is Russian

  31. You have a lot of correct information here but you need to dig deeper for more truth

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  34. If he had lived in the middle east and expressed himself the same way about the muslim world, would he still be insane? If he had lived in 15th century Rome and expressed himself the same way about catholic Europe, would he still be insane? You get the point? Anytime the dominant ideology is criticized throughout all history, that person has been label “crazy” or “insane”. Facts, statistics, audits, reality CAN confirm truth from lies.

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