Why did Magnus do this?

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  1. How opponent identified that Magnus offering draw? Is there any symbol? Anyone plz explain

  2. Can anyone explain how magnus offered a draw

  3. Can anyone explain how thats an offer for draw?

  4. I don’t understand how he offered a draw can someone explain

  5. That’s why you bring your own food to India

  6. Anybody explain why moving your knight there equals offering a draw??

  7. Can someone explain how did magnus offer draw??

  8. If it was 15 minutes games, pretty sure magnus will use half of it in the toilet.

  9. 😂😂 Talent Didn't Control E motions 😂

  10. Why is moving the Knight out like that "offering a draw"?

  11. That one classmate who needs to take a shit be like :

  12. Bro this is very basic trick..i use this often

  13. Magnus in the interview afterwards. "Turd speaks for itself."

  14. He drinking taht shitty Rosa

  15. This is the creation of a real life joke lmao it has a punchline that's a callback to them being in India

  16. Why is it offering a draw? Like why does the move of the knight means a draw

  17. What if vidit mixed something on his dinner
    4d chess irl

  18. Dude literally failed on purpose cause he had to take a shit that bad

  19. @GothamChess can I ask what makes it a draw?

  20. now that person can say he draw the game with world champion 😂

  21. Magnus starts with King's pawn opening in turn 1, follows up with King's pawn opening: King's knight variation in turn 2. Magnus plays the Italian game in turn 3 and Vidith responds with Giuoco Piano Game. Magnus turns it into Giuoco Piano Game: Italian Gambit in turn 4 and Vidith responds with Scotch game: Scotch gambit, Haxo gambit and Magnus responds with Scotch game: Scotch gambit, Haxo, Sarratt variation ending in a draw and facing his worst enemy diarrhoea in a 1v1 inside the toilet

  22. How did vidit know that magnus was offering a draw from that knight move ?

  23. How do they know a draw is being offered that soon into the game

  24. One this pressure of the match other is the you are being watched by the one of THE BEST is a different level of performance pressure. Its just like you forgot the answer or don't know but still scribble on paper in exam hall when the invigilator is looking at you

  25. did he talk to he and ask for a draw or did he make some sort of signal ?

  26. It is not what it seems. He does like this often. Same like that he said when he played against Pragg in 2023 FIDE world cup that he was not feeling well. It is like creating a center of attraction scene. Yes, fulllll scene. This is some type of a mental condition.

  27. He never played chess in his life, he just really hates black people

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