Why did Magnus Carlsen SMILE? #shorts

Pragg’s first draw against Magnus Carlsen in Classical Chess! 😍

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. pragg could've pinned carlsens queen but still offered a draw what a legend

  2. magnus lose quiin with the last move of his king simple mistake the boy can give chess and take quinn and win but he see it and offer draw

  3. Pragg can win the queen by giving a check on h1

  4. When prananandha offered a draw he could go Queen H1 check and Magnus loses his Queen

  5. Magnus blundered pragg offered a draw instead of taking his queen

  6. Both knows that, Pragg may win the match easily with that mistake move by magnus
    But he understood that & offers draw.
    Maturity levels of this boy ❤❤❤

  7. Black shout have won LOL – Queen H1. Magnus did blunder BIG TIME

  8. Prag the win, move the queem for house H1.

  9. Why draw Magnus lose Black move Qh1. White loses Queen.

  10. It was winning for pragg after the king moved in yhe same diagonal of queeeen

  11. umm he could have taken the queen on the a8 after givin the check on h 1

  12. Ke_4_ looses to Qh1+. On the board Magnus played Ke3 ofc

  13. Why did pragg didnt play queen h1 after king e4? He would have won the queen and won the game

  14. why did he offer a draw ? it was obviously a winning position for black

  15. Legends like if the can destroy marcus carlsons queen(i can)

  16. Qué buena gente el indio… Eso y el gran respeto que le tiene a Magnus

  17. That says language is not a barrier when knowledge comes

  18. i think magnus didnt repeat his kings move to draw the game but prag offered a draw…thats the fun point 😂😂😂…although prag was a pawn up it was drawish endgame

  19. Pragg could have won.. In the final check given.. Magnus moved his king to the diagonal of his queen.. He could have given check from one corner and taken the queen..

  20. showing wrong move of magnus in screen

    ……. notice last move of magnus both in tournament and on the screen

  21. Prag could win the Match after Qh1 but he calmly offered Draw, What a lovely movement✨

  22. Why Don't he cheak at h Square it wins the white queen 😊

  23. But Prag could have fork Magnus queen by Queen to H1

  24. Why pragg didnt played queen to the corner it would be check and magnus would have lost his queen 😢

  25. 0:19 after Qh1+ white loses the queen then why did pragg offer a draw??

  26. பெருமை அனைத்தும் மகனை ஈன்ற பெற்றோர்க்கே.

  27. bro both players played like a pro, look at pragg bro is really happy

  28. Me wondering why did prag not moved the queen to h1
    Magnus would have lost his queen

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