Who’s the Greatest Chess Player? that would be Paul Morphy

A look back at the career of the Pride and Sorrow of Chess


  1. Loved chess because of Morphy. Then I liked Alekhine, Nimzovich, Tal and Fischer. Today I find Radjabov entertaining .. just like the way he thinks. Chess is fun. Morphy will always be the greatest in retrospect.

  2. If we will use your logic then Kasparov should indeed be number 1. He had the longest reign of all time.

    Also, Bobby Fisher would be so over rated as he was not able to really dominate clearly.

  3. Chess is ever evolving basically, Paul Murphy help revolutionize the game. Helping everyone that came after him get and be that much better.

  4. I’m a chess fan and in no way an expert, but in my layman summation, Morphy is constantly heralded by a devoted set of fans has to do with his ability to adapt to different styles of play of various professional and grand master players. This is the exponent where there’s always a “Yea… but…” when the “obvious superiority of modern play” is touted as the bulwark against Morphy’s potential modern success

  5. the reason Morphy is considered the best chess player of all time is because Fischer said so.. Fischer said that it did not matter what ERA Morphy played in, it would but take a short amount of time until Morphy would be the best player in the World.. Paul was just that sharp.. imagine how amaziing it would be to see Morphy play current theory and after a short 2-3 years of playing he would show the strongest players today “watch closely, Morphy to play and win… exactly…. after smackdown smackdown smackdown of Magnus, Morphy would say.. i thought u all were bringing the world champ, not the town drunk… go learn some good theory then comebck see me

  6. isn’t it hilarious that the official chess set for tournament play today is named after the biggest coward in chess history… even more hilarious is that Morthy made staunton the biggest coward in chess history

  7. The thing that separates Morphy apart from the rest of the chess greats is his pure GENIUS; the rest of them merely rely, depend or learn from CHESS ENGINES and/or COMPUTERS!!! That's why Paul Morphy was the greatest chess player of all time.

  8. Not only he was the best chess player of all time but also the most gentleman and respectful player of all time that is the reason why I admired him so much😍🥰…you don't see a player like that very often…there is no player in the chess world that matched Morphy.Not only Morphy enjoys and love the game but also his opponent he treated every player he played with respect

  9. Anyone knows what chess program is he using to display the games? Thanks in advance

  10. Paul Morphy is the 1927 New York Yankees. The '27 Yanks were the greatest of all time because of who they were in their era and what they did in their era. You can't transplant someone our of their era and say their game doesn't measure up. The '27 Yanks would get CRUSHED by every MLB team in 2020, because they're not from 2020. But they're still the greatest because of what they did, when they did it.

  11. Who’s here after watching Queen’s Gambit? 😳

  12. You’re using sports to argue who the best chess player is and that’s a terrible comparison. It’s the difference between athletic prowess and a continuation of theory.

  13. Like Fischer, Morphy suffered from mental illness and ended his chess career at the height of his power. Morphy is said to have often wandered the streets of New Orleans mumbling to himself. The two great champions even resemble one another.

  14. I heard Fischer say it better. "Who is the most talented may not be the best."
    Whoever is permitted to study the most Chess theory and pre-arrangement has an advantage. Morphy could not have studied as much theory because that Chess theory was developed after Morphy died. Hence Fischer and Carlsen know more about Chess than Morphy.

  15. This videoclip is a very well-stated presentation of just why Paul Morphy may very well be the single greatest chess player of all-time! The narrator of this videoclip obviously did an excellent job of thinking over very carefully, prior to making the videoclip, the underlying reasons why modern chess "experts" and fans erroneously, improperly and very biasedly dismiss Morphy as the GOAT chessplayer. Whether we are talking about chess or a sport, people can invariably be depended upon to consistently demonstrate the all too-human failing of erroneously assuming that the current era of athletes and teams are the best of all-time by virtue of their being the most recent practitioners of their respective games or sports. The mainstream news media is the most obvious example of the failure of people to critically analyse events and trends in society! They almost without exception fail to examine the various factors which make modern athletes and sports teams only appear to be the best of all-time!

  16. The ultimate chess matchup of all-time? Without any question whatsoever– Paul Morphy versus Robert James Fischer with both players at the absolute peak of their primes!

  17. Once Paul Morphy learned modern theory he would be a dangerous player even today because of his creativity which was probably the greatest of all time. Bobby Fischer said today chess is refined to memorization until the game gets to the latter stages among top players which is why you often see only a few pieces left in games between the best GMs. Murphy was a creative genius so he can and would beat top players even today.

  18. Great comparisons with other sports from other eras!

  19. Paul Morphy was at least, the best player of his time.

  20. The parallels between Fischer and morphy are astonishing. Both born to master the game, died relatively young, suffered from mental illness, had an almost romantic beauty about their play.

  21. This channel upsets me. Here's a guy that should have 100k subs, at least and then there's Jenna marbles that has millions ugh… This ridiculous society

    Great video!

  22. Paul Morphy was a genius across the board. He spoke seven different languages. Had a degree in law. The man would absolutely play extremely competitive with modern GM’s if given some time to study modern theory.

  23. I think Paul Morphy is the GOAT in chess. He didn't have computers, data, books about chess and yet beat GMs. With proper preparation, today, no one will stand against him. My favorite players are : Morphy, Alekhine, Lasker, Tal. Today, I prefer Wesley So and MVL.

  24. Morphy would be disappointed with today's chess.

  25. If played in the modern Era he would've became a super grand Master I wish because of computers .

  26. I liked Morphy because he had personality. Most people say that well every chess player has personality even GMs and people like Magnus or Kasparov, but they seemed to do things according to a textbook. They did things that a book told them and adapted it. I wanted to learn chess just through learning from my losses, and people laughed at how I disliked the idea of chess theory. I think if you need to refer to a book or chess theory, you’ve already lost your strength.

  27. Jesus could see every move to victory before the game ever started. Cheating I know, but he couldn't help it. Lmao

  28. This is a great video. No doubt about that. — Thanks!

  29. Hey, what is the name of the song?, really appreciate it, thanks! <3

  30. Morphy the best player ever and fisher cabablanca lasker alkhine sultan khan kasparove tal behinde morphy

  31. He was absolutely the best, just like everyone understands that Isaac newton was a better scientist than some contemporary scientists who understand physics many times better than he did, there's simply more info available.

  32. Morphy and Fischer was for my the greatest chessplayer!

  33. Paul Morphy was probably the greatest chess talent in history, but we'll never know because he was born too early. To say that Morphy couldn't learn opening theory is absurd, he could probably play Magnus with 6 months to learn all the theory since his time. Morphy, Capablanca, Fischer, Kasparov, and probably Magnus are my candidates for best all time, given time to catch up to the latest theory.

  34. This was a masterpiece 👏 and I agree Paul Morphy was so fun to watch play. Like you said about the hypothetical boxers to afraid to throw a punch in fear of being countered would be boring at best. I love the "risks" Morphy used. As great as modern chess has become I've never watched such art that was morphy! I've always said I'm never afraid to loose In a beautiful way!

  35. Undoubtedly the greatest of all time. If there was an ELO around he would have been around 300 ELO points higher than the next highest rated.

  36. Morphy was the first true artistic master on the chess board and to this day despite centuries of expanded tech I think the only others to blaze a truly unique trail in the game was Fischer, Capablanca and perhaps Kasparov. Very little if any art left in today's modern game sadly.

  37. please change your pieces to standard like lichess, pretty eye strange here,😂✌

  38. today's players might be technically superior to morphy, but morphy was the most talented chess player ever. if morphy was living in today's world, he would inevitably rise to the top and become a dominant world champion.

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