Who would you have Dinner with? Chess players answer

International Master Tania Sachdev asks the players with whom in the field they would prefer to be stranded on an island or have a dinner with.

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  1. I'm still wondering why Anish dint offer a draw at the second question

  2. I'd prefer Tania over all these guys.

  3. i would take noone just a phone with GPS and get out of there

  4. For the island, I'd prefer Anna Cramling. For the dinner, David Howell.

  5. Ђорђе Đorđe Djordje Илић Ilić Ilic says:

    Nobody remembered to say some female players ? GAY FEST ! I would say many of them , but let it be beautiful Dina Belenkaya or Tania Sachdev . 🤩

  6. I like that other than Vishy the second option is Levon

    I just imagine Anish holding on the a trumpet when he got stuck on the island to walk to Vidit and annoy him like that one meme

  7. love how the thumbnail is of Magnus and the question is about who you'd have dinner with and he's the only one who didn't answer

  8. Yoga, Music and Chess Academy (YMCA) says:

    I am surprised nobody said "You Tanya!!"

  9. Ding is just so Likeable person my favorite type that has ever been champion 🙂 dont confuse it with most favorite player though !

  10. magnus:"i would like a dinner with myself, like 10 years ago"

  11. If they were all put on an island stranded, Anish would be the first they kill

  12. Aronian on an island should be the obvious, he just seem to be chilling with his books.

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