Who is the greatest chess player of all time? | Hikaru Nakamura and Lex Fridman

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Hikaru Nakamura is a chess super grandmaster and is currently the #1 ranked blitz chess player in the world. He is also one of the top chess streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

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  1. I've noticed a lot clips about chess in recent weeks, is chess to Lex what bow hunting is to Joe Rogan? 😁

  2. Does being the best in the world at Blitz also mean that he's one of the fastest/accurate mouse clickers? Is Hikaru also the best blitz player over the board?

  3. Hikaru Nakamura, some level of humility, I already like him! I'm gonna watch the whole podcast later today. ☀😎

  4. Very interesting to hear these chess players talk about feel. I think the unconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious. We aim to tap into this by building up experience, training the unconscious.

  5. Win-rates of the World Champions:
    1.) Paul Morphy – (83.7%)
    2.) Alexander Alekhine (74.0%)
    3.) Jose Raul Capablanca (73.8%)
    4.) Emanuel Lasker (73.5%)
    5.) Robert James Fischer (72.5%)

  6. I love the chess content and have started playing

  7. Love that Lex is giving the great game of chess plenty of attention. Kasparov, Botez sisters, Magnus, Levy, Hikaru – brilliant !

  8. Carlsen seems to have trouble with more complex positions, just as many young Indians players are showing nowadays.

  9. In this topic not mentioning Morphy, Lasker, Capablanca or Alekhine is just disrespectful. It means 100 years from now people won't have a high regard for Kasparov and Carlsen. Criticizing old time players for not giving enough importance to chess and not staying at the top for a long time is as pointless as criticizing Pele about why he didn't win the champions league. Chess has recently become a profession. It is necessary to evaluate each player according to the circumstances of their own period.

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