Who is the greatest chess player of all time? | Hikaru Nakamura and Lex Fridman

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Hikaru Nakamura is a chess super grandmaster and is currently the #1 ranked blitz chess player in the world. He is also one of the top chess streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

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  1. Bobby fischer understood chess thats why he didn't like it. chess wasn't created it was found and the more we understand the game the less romantic it becomes. winner/losers are decided not earned

  2. Hikaru's logic doesn't make any sense … It seems as though he only characterizes strength on how long a player has held the title. Fischer was obvious the chess player ever. Okay, he gave away his title in 1975, but that has nothing to do with his precision and display of dominance. He had 135 Elo points more than the 2nd best player. And if you analyze the games, according to the computer. He played with more precision than Kasparov and had a higher win rate. Could you imagine Kasparov beating Fischer? Yeah… NO way. Fischer prepared himself very well, he managed to beat the whole soviet system alone. So preparing for Kasparov would be no hard task.

  3. Weird. I think Naka's biggest strength is just how fast he can calculate. He is just so rapid at calculating lines. Faster than Magnus aswell i think at this. The less time the better Naka is compared to everyone else.

  4. I really like Hikaru. I started randomly listening to his youtube channel and really enjoy it.

  5. Hikaru is without doubt the greatest blitz player of all time. Very humble, but he is.

  6. I think it's 3D Chess, imagine how many comments you can generate that are about an AI listening to humans talk about a game AI can play to 0 zero-sum perfection.

  7. I love listening to Hikaru speak chess. So straight forward with so little ego.


  9. Chess… jujitsu, chess, jujitsu, chess, jujitsu, AI🙄

  10. Yessssss Hikaru on the podcast OMGGGGGG

  11. At least Hikaru doesn’t embellish/invent an accent like Gotham Chess

  12. Yo these chess casts getting lame no wonder no views

  13. Another great chess guest! We need Danya Naroditsky next!

  14. Since you're so curious to meet so many of the world best chess players, why don't you invite Ke Jie, one of the best Go players, for example? They say Go is considerably more complex than chess…

  15. There is no way to know who is better period. New players like Arjun and Pragg have real chances. The problem is if you become unbeatable there is no point to play. Our boy Maggie is guilty.

  16. Hikaru is the best at 'speed' chess because he always takes the juicer….

  17. the question was could he rationalize the move afterwards

  18. Definitely a bit of disrespect put on Bobby's name here, not mentioning the sheer dominance over the other individuals of his day, whilst playing extremely closely to computer accuracy today without the ability to trial every move through an engine that is done today.

  19. Hikaru is so down to earth, people tend to forget he is actually the number 1 blitz chess player out of millions in the entire world!

    If you watch his stream you notice how quick and far ahead he thinks over the bord in literally a second.

  20. This man wearing pajamas to the podcast?….

  21. Good one. Thanks. Must watch the whole thing. Nakamura is interesting to listen to. More so than some other chess grandmasters that I have heard speak about stuff. He's also great for game analyses and recaps. He's also one of my favorite chess YouTubers.

  22. I would love to see Lex grow his hair and a beard, go incognito and be interviewed by himself as a chess player just starting out. A great meme maybe?

  23. I can draw a Pararel to Starcraft 2 , computer game.

    Much like chess it is rather well defined Strategically , people play various "openings" , "mid games" and "end games"… that rarely change.

    AT highest level we call it "game sense". You can predict Damage , Track Enemy army Trough fog of war , you feel when Enemy wepons get upgraded through experience and internalizing this "feeling".

    In perticular End Game is more about the "Sense" , because everyone is running out of resources , You can't make the same moves as you would in mid game , you have to be more concious of your movements and Efficiency becomes king as you slowly run out of Resources and Units.

    A lot of players get LOST in the end game, because they get to end game much less , than Pro players. They don't have the same sense , they feel limited and confused.

  24. Seems like Lex was having a hard time understanding Hikaru towards the end. Maverick understood it though, "Don't think, just do."

  25. i am like a gm that can see instantly what is the best move, and then i see that it was a blunder. My brain works the same way, just don't have the accuracy.

  26. Intuition is flow state. When the mind and the intellect are integrated and together when they become single pointed with no otherness except the task hand that’s when intuition flows. Intuition can’t be learnt but can be developed. People think intuition is developed through repeated practice. But that in accurate. Repeated practice only makes it easier to integrate the mind and intellect and reach flow state but repeated practice doesn’t lead to intuition

  27. Shot to the top, and quit the game once there, hmm… sounds like a certain retired UFC fighter that people like to say is the GOAT.

  28. Lex and all his chess clips legit has got me back into playing chess and watching chess content.

  29. Apparently the greatest chess player of all time was that B from Netflix The Queens Gambit

  30. I feel like any time I say Hikaru’s name from now on, I’m going to say it like Lex says it at 5:30

  31. Really lost a lot of respect for Lex interviewing a self-absorbed gossiping crybaby like Hikaru. And he hasn't been challenging his interviewees at all lately.

  32. picture thinking/actively conscious hallucination/imagination of places & people there, from memories slightly highly emotional, on peradventure fares optimal and in the darkly night, causes the ladder to climb?

  33. The most matured chess conversation i have ever heard in YouTube, thanks a lot Lex Fridman.
    I guess next is Hans Nieman

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