Who is the greatest chess player of all time? | Hikaru Nakamura and Lex Fridman

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Hikaru Nakamura is a chess super grandmaster and is currently the #1 ranked blitz chess player in the world. He is also one of the top chess streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

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  1. You have to look back at the history and the shows that he’s been on regarding Bobby Fisher. He explained it very clearly. He was the best and there was nobody better. Anybody that was better he would challenge them and win

  2. Can you pls interview Hans Niemann the Hero in chess 😕

  3. Fischer took down the Soviets chess machine on his own he beat larson 6 – 0 he has set records that still have not been broke he's the greatest

  4. If people still argue Kasparov at this point they will never change their mind. Magnus has held the title during the most competitive era in chess ever, has won the WC title just as many times as Lasker and Kasparov without ducking anyone. 5 time Classic, 5 times blitz, 3 times rapid, the only man to hold the Triple Crown and he did that twice.

    Even without having the highest Elo rating (which he has also had twice), he still has the merit to call himself the Goat. The only thing that Kasparov has over him is 9 more years as nr 1. And I don't think that is as solid of a argument as people says it is considering who has/had the hardest competition

  5. You are inviting the wrong people.
    Magnus is the biggest fraud in this sport and Hikaru is just a submissive b….

    It’s simple psychology, look at the chess24 tournaments. They are all so submissive and biased

  6. Judging the best chess player is like judging the best boxer. Some people look at the carreer and some look at the skills/talent. Nakamura rules Fischer out because of a short carreer but it says nothing of his ability.
    Personally I think we need to be aware of both aspects but also how dominant they were against the players of their era.

  7. If Niemann legitimately beat Magnus then would he be the best player in the world, considering he beat the player many consider to be the greatest? What if Niemann is the greatest chess player ever and peoples reaction to him is natural considering no one has ever seen anyone as good before?

  8. Not Carlsen. He’s one of the greatest players for sure.

  9. I don't agree that Hikaru isn't "anwyhere near" the conversation. I don't think he's in the conversation, but he's pretty damn close. Incredible tactician, one of a kind, incrediblly resilient and resourceful under time pressure, as he said himself the man simply doesn't blunder.

  10. That letter "M" shaped beard under his nose is bothering me the entire podcast and I have no fucking idea why.

  11. Nakamura's Tongue : GOAT is blah blah blah
    Nakamura in his head : You Dumbo, the one sitting in front of you.

  12. Lex is annoyingly bad at interviewing haha. I’ve never seen this podcast yet but good lord.

    At least he sits quietly during responses though. That’s his one point

  13. Why doesn't Vishy ever enter the conversation about GOATs in Chess?

  14. Lex is like when you show up at your friends house and he's already pulled two tubes and starts asking you what it all means.

  15. Great content. Would be better if it didn’t look like lex is absolutely bored out of his mind.

  16. Hikaru has to be one of the best blitz player ever, even if he's not in the conversation for classic.

  17. Surely if Fischer had continued to study with the drive he had on his way to winning the World Championship he would have gotten even better. Also neither Magnus nor Kasparov dominated there fellow contenders like Fischer did. His 6-0 results against both Taimanov and Larson will likely never be equaled, unless Niemann continues to improve

  18. Man, him talking about blitz games really brought it home – players of today are playing thousands of online games against thousands of other high-ranking players. I wonder what the ELO of someone like Hikaru would be with his current knowledge base if he was playing 50 years ago when very few people got the chance to play each other.

  19. Fischer wasn’t at the top for as long as the others but he got there on his own and his time at the top was short because he quit. Carlson and Kasparov both have teams supporting them. At the time of Fischer chess was dominated by the Russians who were playing like a massive team all working together and Fischer beat them on his own. There is definitely a case to make for Fischer being the best player of all time

  20. It's actually Karpov who is the best ever. He ruled the world without the training and analysis by computers and machines. He purely used only his brain and skill developed by continuous calculation in his brain.

  21. I’m surprised how vishy anand is not mentioned in this conversation!!

  22. Magnus can't be the best, he just lost to hans Niemann

  23. I dont like the interviewer. Nakamura was great btw

  24. when you spend enough time, eventually you've experienced it all

  25. @Lex Clips please get Josh Watzikin on! Chess Grandmaster, World Chess Youth champion and BJJ black belt under Marcelo Garcia.

  26. The respect hikaru has for magnus is truly immense.

  27. hikaru is the best ever. sad wesley so wasnt mentioned, hes the best at 960

  28. Magnus is the GOAT. One more GOAT that Lex can have on his podcast is Levan Saginashvili (arm-wrestler).

  29. You gotta put Fischer up there because the dude was embroiled in the biggest chess warfare in history – on a level involving differing regimes that created the deepest rift in geopolitics. He basically fought singlehandedly against the most impenetrable monolith in the world of chess. Garry was a product of the very system Fischer disassembled – and that's the exact reason Kasparov played the role of renegade, because Fischer defined what it is to be a renegade.

  30. I’ve said this for a long time, Fischer can’t be considered the 🐐 because he didn’t have longevity, but that said, at his best, he was the best.

  31. For Fischer, I think you have to make a distinction between "greatest chess career" and "greatest chess mind". Fischer obviously can't win the career, because it was too short and he wasn't tested over a long period. But in terms of sheer brilliance at his peak, he has to be in the conversation against other chess minds at their peak. Bring all the greats into a tournament, at the height of their powers. Who wins? We'll never know, but you have to think Fischer has a good chance.

  32. I tried to listen. I really tried. I can't stomach every comment he gives ending like a question? That upward intonation people speak with. He does it every sentence. Seems like a good fella. My pet peeve.

  33. Magnus' only weaknesses are those of the vibrating type

  34. Lex interviewing all the greatest chess players: magnus, nakamora and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kasparov is next. Oh yeah he also interviewed a YouTuber named Levy

  35. can you get pai cramling next? would love to hear her story

  36. lol hikaru doesn't really want to give away any real strategy, as he shouldn't

  37. We need ben finegold next! He has something to say about cheating scandal

  38. Hikaru’s greatest chess strength is that he literally doesn’t even care

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