Who is Miss Angola International Teresa Sara’s favourite chess player?

A wonderful guest at the Weissenhaus Freestyle Chess GOAT Challenge 2024 is Teresa Sara. She is the current Angola International and she has been at the event right since day 1. How has been her experience and who are her favourite players. We speak to Teresa and get to understand her role not just at the tournament but also in life otherwise.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I can walk outside and see 200 hotter women within 3 miles

  2. All these „Miss“ look always normal, not Special. What are the criteria to win this?

  3. guys stop…looks are not the only thing that makes you Miss Angola..nobody is interested in your view on her.imagine she sees all these messages how she's gonna feel? she is being humble its better you stay humble as well.

  4. lol just need to know the rules to Chessplay 000<>959 obviously that includes Sp#518 rnbqkbnr….Full Ultimate CHESS(960)+#!!

  5. Looks like Host has lots of free money, to spill on so many spends in the name of luxury… Do they pay taxes for these luxury facilities to players and their companions… Mostly likely another power struggle starts with west and fide, on who controls chess and its monetization

  6. I don't know why but now I think my ex is gorgeous

  7. ChessBase India provides the type of content any other chess-oriented media outlets fail to deliver.

  8. She's so pretty and nice. I love this special touch to the tournament

  9. It's so nice to see her. The way she speaks is so nice. Such a cheerful person ❤ . Love from India .

  10. I love how the organizer is so open minded – thinking about the african country even though they don't have a lot of professional chessplayers. A nice way to have a bit publicity with the lovely Miss Angola!

  11. To all those ignorant obnoxious perverts in the comment section, the grapes are sour anyway, right?

  12. hey ignore everyone else here! you are a nice person! people should focus more on what youre saying

  13. Amruta is miss india by these standards

  14. I think she is physically gorgeous, but even more beautiful is her stunning personality and humility

  15. Приятная, хорошая, красивая девушка🌷Понравилось, что подходила к игрокам и к тем кто с ними приехал, желала удачи, была очень доброжелательной💖

  16. WHO CARES about the CHEAP PUBLICITY of some IGNORANT IDIOT- who ADMITTED that she NEVER PLAYED chess!!!! (She knows LESS about chess than I know about nuclear physics!!!!) These GREEDY sponsors have turned REAL CHESS into CHEAP THEATRICS!!!!

  17. My god chess enthusiasts in this comment section are ruthless. No mannerisms whatsoever. I'm so sad that your parents were unable to teach or give you real life lessons.

    Since your parents were unable to give you real education here's one quote I heard from Markiplier

    "Treat people the way yourself to be treated"

  18. BE CAREFUL of this SEGMENT!! They are DELETING the comments of REAL chess players!! (But they leave on their CHEAP PUBLICITY comments!!)

  19. great personality, just in terms of entertainment chesebaseIndia in unparalleled…. and also, wee expect classy comments from chess players, dont let us down guys "he comment section"

  20. What a sweet personality Miss Angola is, hopefully with her involvement in the tournament the game of chess can reach to more people in Angola.

  21. She looks nothing like the average angolian woman

  22. What a humble, kind and beautiful person. THANK YOU for the interview and helping the chess community to meet this wonderful woman. I am so impressed with the organizers of this prestigious event for there foresight in inviting her to the event. Much love xxx

  23. Did the jewelry cause those scars? Interesting talk though.

  24. Is she not cold 🥶?? Being outside with this dress 😧

  25. Great respect to this beautiful inside and outside.

  26. Much respect and blessings to our Angolian Sister on her quest 💐🙏

  27. She is beautiful as well as has a wonderful personality.

  28. Imagine if it was your job to wake up everyday… spend an hour on makeup… put on the most flashy sparkling cloths and a giant crown on your head and walk around all day smiling at people and picking balls out of a jar. Lol… her life is like the opposite of most chess players 😂

  29. Gukesh our boy is going to be the most dashing personality as he grow up.

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