Which top chess player is the worst loser?

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, Alexander Grischuk, Anish Giri, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, David Anton and Wesley So talk about which top chess player is the worst loser!

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  1. "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser".
    It is not a coincidence that Kasparov and Carlsen are the worst losers and also the greatest two to ever play the game.

  2. i disagree completely, magnus hates losing, he’s competitive, he gets angry, but hes not a bad loser he doesnt swear at other people, or do anything to them or disrespect them, or acts like a child, or is a sore loser and makes up lies/cheats to try and win (like fizrouja who id say is the worst loser), everyone gets angry at themselves when they lose, thats not being a bad loser stop saying its magnus

  3. "I want to be a bad loser, not a loser" -World Champion

  4. 0:55 I don't forcibly watch chess so closely, haha, and I still guessed it would be Magnus, and he admits it himself…

  5. Probably why he is such an endgame monster he hates losing more than his opponent so he is willing to grind the position out harder

  6. Wtf. Have any of these guys seen the Naroditsky rage?
    Magnus, come back when you actually break your hand from raging from a loss.

  7. Chess24: magnus is the worst loser
    Hikaru and Gothamchess: and I took that personally

  8. To be fair, Magnus hasn't had a lot of practice with losing

  9. Is this chess24's compensation for the interviewer calling Hikaru a Loser?

  10. I feel radjabov should have answered this and we all know wt was the answer 😂

  11. That's why Kasparov almost never plays chess these days. Imagine him losing to Alireza; he'd need an ambulance. Contrast with Vishy.

  12. Meanwhile chess24: HIKARU WORST LOSER HIKARU BAD

  13. Lol Grishchuk: there used to be Korchnoi 😂😂.
    Look at that legacy Korchnoi left behind 😅

  14. Radjabov
    probably play CS what's why he was not this video 😀

  15. Grischuk response is very true and I see nobody talking about it. Korchnoi was known for sweeping the pieces of the board a lot and apparently in his matches against Petrosian he kicked him under with his feet under table while the match was still being played.

  16. To me, "bad loser" denotes someone who exhibits poor sportsmanship because of losing. By that measure, Magnus isn't such a bad loser at all.

  17. I guess that's what makes him the world champion

  18. Annoyed by losing is a quality mostly found in world champion materials! I can see that in firouzja too as when someone loses to magnus they accept but firouzja is really annoyed as he had missed some chances

  19. Le Anish: I'm a good loser
    Me: Wait a minute; you get results apart from draw Xd

  20. I want to be a bad loser, not a loser.

  21. Magnus is just magnetic. I am gonna miss him after he is retired.

  22. What about Alireza throwing pieces at the table…

  23. So it’s not Nakamura? I am subbed to him btw lol

  24. Well, not that big of a problem. I mean, it's not like Magnus loses often, so it better be him.. 😉

  25. Show me a good loser, I'll show you a loser

  26. Where can I find the full version of it?

  27. Magnus atleast goes hard on himself and congratulates the ones who knocks him out. I cant for sure say that about a gm named garry.

  28. Magnus gave them the reason so he doesnt lose the argument. Wise man

  29. From what I've seen Firouzja has been the stand out bad loser in the past year.

  30. I really thought someone might say Hikaru …..😐

  31. Kasparov had spates of refusing the handshake of Korchnoi and later of Shirov.

  32. Obviously Carlsen is a bad loser, he found the easiest solution to the problem, which is simply to win

  33. Hikaru when losing: chat I played terrible chess chat. Gosh what am I doing. Terrible chess

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