Which top chess player is the worst loser?

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, Alexander Grischuk, Anish Giri, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, David Anton and Wesley So talk about which top chess player is the worst loser!

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  1. Magnus is the worst loser, kinda how Michael Jordan always throws a fit in the locker room if his teammates were garbage.

  2. Hikaru is the worst loser but actually not because he does not even care

  3. Were they all scared to say Garry's name😂?!

  4. Rajabov was answering these questions,
    why did you take it out? His answer was the one all of us wanted.

  5. I think that you’d have to be a pretty big loser to be that good at chess.

  6. I don't know of anyone who made history by being a "good loser" lol!

  7. Everyones saying Garry but wasnt Fischer a psycho when it came to losing? Blaming literally everything except himself. Distracting noise, breakfast, bed, Russian conspiracy 😂

  8. Hikaru is loser he doesn't care about Pro

  9. Gutless best describes the kind game Nepo has been playing so far. He lacks the aggressiveness that makes the opponent spend precious time to respond. That is what Wesley So displays whenever he plays against Carlsen, making the game extremely thrilling and exciting to the end. A championship match between the two would surely bring the chess world into a stand still.

  10. doesn't it depend on how badly you lost? if you have a completely winning position, and you blunder, you're definitely going to get hit harder than, say, game 6 of the 2021 world champion chess match.

  11. Nobody mentioning nakamura just because they were talking about second spot in the list

  12. ''(I want to) be a bad loser, not a loser''

    This quote says a lot 🙂

  13. I dont know any korchnoi stories you guys have any

  14. That Magnus has that insight in to himself is commendable . It is a definite sign of maturity even if his an admittedly sore loser

  15. This is exactly what it takes to be the best in any sport. You hate and despise losing and you place the blame entirely on yourself and improve. The people that can endure that relentless self-criticism are the ones that become the best. Michael Jordan (or Lebron for people who never saw Michael play lol), Tom Brady, Lionel Messi, etc. all have this quality

  16. Daym i have a new found respect for Magnus as a person now. What a chad!

  17. I played Korchnoi in a simul and I lost a drawn endgame. He gave me a dirty look and I think he was ready to yell at me but he stopped and walked away

  18. Im surprised no one mentioned Hikaru, he’s the definition of a sore salty loser. He never accepts defeat with grace and sportsmanship.

  19. Nah, Magnus isn't the worst loser. The worst loser literally doesn't care.

  20. Magnus Carlson being the best what he does.
    Winning or losing.
    "I wanna be a bad loser, not a loser"
    Brutally honest though

  21. Hans episode sheds more light on Magnus admitting here. Withdrawing from tournament without any material evidence suggests he doesn't consider Hans worthy enough. He also doesn't consider Nepo worthy enough to play him again in WCC. Magnus your big fan here please don't go the fischer way.

  22. Worst loser? Magnus Carlsen, he withdraws when he loses

  23. Carlsen is the world champion BECAUSE he's the least okay with losing. Losses always felt incongruous to him even when he was a kid; he never had the "whatever, he's better than me" mentality. He knew he could be the best, and he became the best.

  24. Well the answer is pretty clear now with all the drama going on

  25. this aged quite well xD magnus IS a sore loser

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