When your opponent BLUNDERS #shorts

The stare of the boy 👀
Full game:

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The kid lost …u all think he won …he actually lost

  2. That attitude will change soon especially against the world champion

  3. Зачем было брать ферзя?

  4. Мелкий подумал, что здесь ещё и выиграет, но там вечный шах у чёрных

  5. After so much staring he had to blunder back😅

  6. idk anything about chess but this was intense af lol

  7. I had to watched twice because the board confuses me. Why would you put Up and Down instead of Left and Right ??

  8. Kid was the most disrespectful opponent ever,like bro how down do u have to be to get excited to win.

  9. His eyes👀 only legends knows what is on his mind .

  10. Can’t white just put his queen on b1 and then promote with check, black queen takes, you take blacks queen with check and you win blacks other queen and winning the game faster

  11. estos aficionados dan risa cuando juegan,

  12. I didn’t know Casemiro was such a savage chess player when he was younger.

  13. I need someone to edit Supa hot fire‘s crowd into the middle of this video…

  14. This is how my parents look when I say the test results have not yet come ☠️

  15. If only a girl stared at me for that long. I would be very creeped out

  16. he looks like my friend who got roasted by me

  17. Kid was like"after im done with this match imma buying snacks and watching doraemon"

  18. This makes me feel better knowing that even GM's be making blunders

  19. From 100% winning to 100% draw this is more painful than losing lol

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