When you overthink in chess:

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very very very relatable if ur a chess player


  1. That move was shared by gothamchess as the greatest move of all time

  2. Isn't win-win and draw mean same thing 😵‍💫

  3. me watching even though i have no experience and no idea how chess works :

  4. I have the exact same chess pieces

  5. Alternative title: Two chess people thinking from different positions in this game and life.

  6. When you actully play a brilliant move:BTILLYANT BABY:starter be like:ok

  7. You know your a complete idiot when you overthink and then you play a bad move thinking you're a grandmaster

  8. But 2600 elo player did a mistake why did he cut the queen with that pawn it was literally blocking the rook😂😂😂😂

  9. Bro, a 300 rated wouldn't get to the endgame, they would lose in the opening

  10. “iN ThIs pOsItIoN FrAnK MaRsHaLl sAcRiFiCeS ThE QuEeN” if you get the reference ily

  11. Why was the 300s rook there in the first place

  12. if they both resign at the same time is it a draw or who loses, or is it just gonna be a rematch

  13. The last time i played chess i played for 3 hours, continued the next day, and the next until a week passed and my enemie rage quited

  14. How is such a brilliant player having 300 elo rating😂

  15. Legends know that was the gold coin game

  16. カザマカズヨシ / 風真一義 says:

    If two players resign at the same time:

    No contest.

  17. Bro i have 250 elo but I'm literally can know that was check mate, t f

  18. Did people use to carry gold coins around to throw them anywhere they wished?

  19. If you know the enemy and yourself you need not to fear the results of 100 battles

    if you know the enemy and not yourself then every win you will have you will have a loss

    If you don t know the enemy or neither yourself then you may succumb in every battle

    -Sun Tzu (The Art Of War)

  20. Мудрый человек знает, что ничего не знает

  21. Your so dumby, It's strategic game not tactical game

  22. Oh i know this game this game was played by Marshall frank James vs Levitsky Stepan Mikhailovich Respect for Author👍👍👍

  23. unsolved mystery: if 2 players resign at the same time, is that a win-win or draw?

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