When you overthink in chess:

#skits #comedy #chess
very very very relatable if ur a chess player


  1. If you know the enemy and yourself you need not to fear the results of 100 battles

    if you know the enemy and not yourself then every win you will have you will have a loss

    If you don t know the enemy or neither yourself then you may succumb in every battle

    -Sun Tzu (The Art Of War)

  2. Мудрый человек знает, что ничего не знает

  3. Your so dumby, It's strategic game not tactical game

  4. Oh i know this game this game was played by Marshall frank James vs Levitsky Stepan Mikhailovich Respect for Author👍👍👍

  5. unsolved mystery: if 2 players resign at the same time, is that a win-win or draw?

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