When Magnus Played The #1 Female Player

When Magnus Played The #1 Female Player



  1. Death and losing from Magnus is inevitable 💀

  2. Chess is OK, but nothing beats the sheer intellectual Rollercoaster that is checkers. Those players laugh in the face of D5.

  3. She can always trade the rook for bishop and hope for a blunder:)

  4. They should hook up. Make little chess genius babies, or super villains, either way.

  5. You say some really dumb things. Why don’t you write a script?

  6. Both Judit and her sister Susan are brilliant chess players.

  7. I don't usually D5 but when I do I certainly lost.

  8. Why would there be different male and female leagues for chess? It’s not a physical sport

  9. i don't care about chess. most of the time i have no idea what's going on. an yet, this is interesting and captivating to watch and i dont know why. good job.

  10. It's still just a wäman, what did you expect…

  11. There’s a person copying your videos, he literally just screen records your content 😂 the channel name is called chess library

  12. Kinda like how Venus Williams was the #1 female tennis player in the world, but not even in the top 500 with men involved.

  13. That’s not possible women are better at everything after all.

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