When Magnus Played The #1 Female Player

When Magnus Played The #1 Female Player



  1. It’s just like the modern beroni that the female just did


    saying that Magnus would lose his reputation by losing to the best female player is quite non P.C.


    cancelled? 😛

  3. Men are just better in everything, eccept cooking and cleaning😅😅😅😅

  4. My game won't let me play the D5 opener. I must need to reboot.

  5. That bishop move at the end was so smart, I thought he'd push the knight.

  6. I wonder if Magnus could beat the top level computer chess player. Heard those ones are nasty even for grandmasters.

  7. why the absolute hell, I, having ZERO knowledge of chess, have fallen in a chess rabbit hole, at 6 am and why is this SOOO GOD DAMN ENTERTAINING?!

  8. Lmao I'm clearly way too shortsighted and not good enough about chess to see why she had to resign there because of that one move lol like even if it was impossible to win that doesn't mean it was also impossible to not lose. Or is resigning just a respectful move to not waste time in a game you can't win anymore?

  9. bruh i hate that a lot of people are using this video to point at it and say "see??? the top player is a MALE!! and he won against the best FEMALE PLAYER!!! this means men are better in every way!!!"

    i don't see how gender has anything to do with it.

  10. I don't get it. If she is such a incredible genius, why would his chess reputation be ruined if he lost to her? You set it up like she had a good chance of winning and then say if he lost it would be like losing to an amateur. Make it make sense.

  11. D4. That was the first move. I am 700 and know that

  12. Magnus has an extraordinary talent to play d5 in the opening.. I think this is Queen Pawn very modern opening.. d4 is lost for Magnus and so he played d5 thats why he won

  13. She is amazing im pritty sure she beat magnus once in the past magnus is so brillient its almost prodictable if you can think far enough ahead but the speed he dose it at is blindsiding i swear

  14. Females can play chess? Did Magnus have to keep reminding her how the Knight moves?

  15. and they say the only reason men beat women is because their bodies are stronger.

  16. "Magnus still remaining the undisputed world champion" 😀
    bro, it wasn't a title match 😀

  17. Magnus plays first move
    Opponent shocked

  18. People using this as an excuse to be sexist is pretty sad

  19. Na6 is standard in this line. No need to give mocking ding sound

  20. Idk if shes nervous or something but this game looks like a 2200 from her at most

  21. 0:28 Why exactly would his reputation be ruined forever if he lost a match to a talented opponent?

  22. Praggnanada from india becomes GM in just at the age of 12years and IM at just 10 years 😎😎

  23. Magnus is apparently the only one in the world that can play the D5 opening with white 🙂

  24. Magnus played the Queen's Gambit opening against the Queen of Chess. This guy is aggressive.

  25. Abinav mishra is the youngest Chess GM. 12yr 4months old

  26. It's not a surprise that Magnus at his peak crashed an old Judith. What surprised me the most is that she did not know of this trap of the rook. It happens a lot in rook endgames. Even Ra6 was a mistake because it gives the tempo to white. Also she did not see the entrapment of the knight? Really? This is something that any 1000 Elo player knows. I can only assume that she does not play endgames very well, which is really strange for a top ranking player.

  27. 0:03 he wins. Her peak rating isn't even near Hikaru's…

  28. I had a amazing way to trap her piece at the end with maybe got me a longer win

  29. Don't the female part matters in this game

  30. She's a GM yet cripples her knights on the edges when it's not even close to best move (stockfish hates it). No wonder Magnus crushed her.

  31. He literally dig her grave and destroyed her so easily , she seemed very weak as expected in front of him , but maybe if she play casually with magnus in a fun game then magnus will show mercy on her and let her win out of fun 😂

  32. Bro why Magnus wins and the king of the goat chess woman was not in dangerous????

  33. A чо он выиграл они же не доиграли

  34. "One wrong move and his chess reputation would be ruined forever".
    That was when I knew this was not worth watching, turned it off, gave it a down vote and wrote this comment.

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