When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves

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When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves by Judit Polgar



  1. He looks so happy. It most be refreshing to lose a game once in a while.

  2. Why are there different rankings for men and women?

  3. god stop this dramatic music shit it aint that deep

  4. just a blitz game of chess not a tournamernt not official and many people around

  5. The word "forward" when used as a verb or a noun does not have an "s" on the end.

  6. that wasn't the action-loaded resolution of the suspense I was expecting lol. the music lied!

  7. I am confused- at 3:18 why did Carlsen not take the unprotected pawn at D3 with his bishop instead of moving away his knight?

  8. J. Polgar claims she defeated Gasparov, whom she claims cheated by reversing a move after he took his fingers off the piece.

  9. So many men in the comments butthurt and coping

  10. Fairly obviously, Carlsen knows that Polgar was a 2700+ player at her peak, so he wouldn't have underestimated her – but at the time of this game she'd been retired from tournament play for years so he might have expected that she'd be a bit rusty. Completely annihilating the world number 1 in that situation is impressive going even in a casual park game.

  11. Why is it necessary to express the fact that she is a woman?
    It`s a brain`s game. What does it matter who is male or female? Or does it?

  12. I'd like someone from South Park to narrate a chess match next!

  13. With that narration, I thought for sure someone was going to get murdered in the end.

  14. The timer was on the wrong side, Magnus always takes right side when hes black ,giving her another advantage.

  15. Watched this live at the time there was commentary from the crowd that was masked by the commentator here. No doubt the original is lurking somewhere maybe Anna’s channel?

  16. Spoiler. He let her win so she could make history (again). A small sacrifice from Magnus that means A LOT for female chess world wide.

  17. Bro is giving false information at 0:11. it's an unbeaten streak not winning streak

  18. Judit is one of the greatest chess players ever, irrespective of gender.

  19. I expected this voice to be commenting a great white sharks documentary

  20. #2.13 and black responds by moving a pawn to f3. Yeah right.

  21. That was nice of him to let her win like that

  22. I don't understand why does't Magnus play Bxf3 after e5? That'd fork both of the white rooks.

  23. Use your own voice. Stop with this lazy "AI" text-to-voice crap.

  24. What an impressive show by Judith against someone who is probably the greatest ever in chess.

  25. Changing the board position and size is really uncomfortable! Sometimes there isn't even am onscreen board!

  26. Narrating a friendly informal blitz park game as if it was a formal title match.

  27. It's driving me nuts how he keeps saying "forwards" instead of forward. Ugh.

  28. Both are top player but magnus biggest mistake is understimating his opponent. ☝

  29. I saw Anish giri he is so confused 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  30. Is this an AI voice? I ask because you said black moved their pawn to F3 when white had.

  31. "Magnus takes a second to think.." This is like a normal person studying the board for a few hours.

  32. what if you scroll back up and destroy that sub button

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