WHEN GENIUSES MEET | Pep meets Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen

A must-watch encounter between two tactical geniuses, our manager Pep Guardiola sits down with Magnus Carlsen to talk their Greatest Moves with FG. Brought to you by @PUMA


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  1. “I was not playing ‘so’ well…” 😂

  2. Pep -> Magnus
    Jóse Mourinho -> Hikaru
    Klopp -> Fabiano Caruana

  3. Creativity is really what it is about here. They are both creative masterminds.

  4. Magnus sounds like a robot which makes sense…

  5. A spanish and a norwegian united by a german brand, being interviewed in english.

  6. No offense intended, guys, but a genius is someone who wins the UCL with Porto and Inter, not with Barcelona and City after flunking in Munich.

  7. Look for someone in your life who looks you the way Pep did to Magnus ❤

  8. Not even a City fan, this is simply splendid content. Insightful.

  9. Haaland is Norwegian, Magnus is Norwegian, i thought this is why Pep wanted to meet Magnus

  10. The only thing genius about Man City is their fans ability to believe any of their "success" means anything after blatantly cheating for over a decade. Most plastic joke in world sport

  11. Genius 😂? He was a coach for already built teams with tons of money to spend 😂

  12. Today all day I identify as catalonese!

  13. Wtf is this lighting, I'm not sure who is there

  14. Genius meets genius…such a great vid. Breaking down everything w correlation…pep remembers everything literally

  15. Wow the GOATs together, you can see that they recognize eachother as the same breed.

  16. Anyone else have to turn on subtitles for pep?

  17. Saka Victor Oshimen Vini Jr Ferran Torres gavi pedri virgil van djk Recce james trent alexsander arnold kimmich barella

  18. Kostas Tsimikas Ruben Neves Jude Bellingham

  19. I thought we were going to see them play chess

  20. Am I the only one who feels extremly awkward seeing the hairs in Pep's head?

  21. Guardiola will sign him 😂 he is in love with him look how he stars to Carlson and touch him when had the chance lol

  22. it would be a dream to see Magnus managing a football team.

  23. Great interview. Please bring Messi and Pep to talk each other!

  24. When Messi got the ball

    Magnus : CHECKMATE

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