When Drunk Magnus Carlsen Defeated a Chess Master

Magnus Carlsen is one of the greatest players of all time, but how good is he while he’s drunk?
In this video Magnus plays a Chess Master in a local bar in Norway, but who will come out victorious?



  1. wait so based on what he said while commenting on the moves at around 4 minutes into the vid, if someone just beats the champion, they become the champion instantly?

  2. There should be a tournament where they play chess in a drunk state i wanna see how it goes

  3. i swear every time there's something intense, vivaldi's winter plays.

  4. Nahhh lil Ahgreeno goin for a play button 💀💀💀🪦

  5. Fun fact: when you are drunk your brain will be more active

  6. Imagine using you who live to get good at a great game but when you meet you greatest opponent the worlds greats chess player but is a drunken mad lad from norway and lose to pawn check mate you know you need to take a break☠️

  7. Next video, please stop dizzying us out with the chessboard moving around the screen and getting bigger and smaller, just for that, thumb down for you.

  8. but how about rook takes queen at the end?

  9. Question: How did he win for promoting his queen?

  10. never underestimate vikings… we will kill you

  11. I bet dead magnus would play better than me

  12. Repent and forsake sins Jesus is coming

  13. For anyone curious the song that played near the end was winter from the four seasons by Vivaldi

  14. Bro damien is my name but with two a’s and not a and e

  15. When we are drunk: elo decreases
    When Magnus is drunk: elo increases

  16. Magnus Drunksen still destroying people in chess

  17. I love how Magnus went “it’s magnum time”
    And then chessed all over the board

  18. Are we go gonna talk about that he called caro kan sicilian defense which is played by pushing the queen pawn

  19. Repent for your sins and follow Jesus now he's coming he, s the son of god

  20. When Magnus starts calculating , you have no chance

  21. Margus without drunk
    Elo: 2882
    Margus while drunk
    Elo: 2000/2300

  22. This game has Ali Reza sitting there and Andrea Botez and a few other players

  23. bro Magnus is dumb but Michel Tail is the best

  24. 5 shots? "Extremely" drunk? What was it, everclear?

  25. You know your dead when magnus rubs the pieces he got because it means hes actually thinking

  26. It's funny how even drunk Magnus can only be stalemated, if he's drunk enough to make mistakes ofcourse 😉

  27. The description is incorrect. It was in Switzerland, not Norway.

  28. What happens when there's an unlimited check? Like the rook and the king moving up and down forever?
    (I'm a complete chess scrub, please educate me, thank you!)

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