When Drunk Magnus Carlsen Defeated a Chess Master

Magnus Carlsen is one of the greatest players of all time, but how good is he while he’s drunk?
In this video Magnus plays a Chess Master in a local bar in Norway, but who will come out victorious?



  1. Я во время просмотра Ван писа уснул 3 раза: 1. На терпении с Белами 2. На побегушках Луффи и Фуджиторы 3. На турнире сумо

  2. The rook can kill the newly promoted queen correct and his king was not in check so why did the player resign?

  3. There is no such a thing as equal position against Magnus

  4. Dude didn’t take magnus bishop nor his rook

  5. showing the guy left hanging at :11 seconds is so brutal lol

  6. How the freak do you lose to a drunk person

  7. imagine this if he's drunk and still wins imagine is he's not drunk and serious

    hi guys im new here and holy nugget this men is a god chess is meant for him 😎👍🏻

  8. Seems Magnus is a practitioner of the Way of the Drunken Grandmaster! XD

  9. dude you dont know how a norwegian looks when drunk…. trust me he is not near drunk 🤣

  10. What's the name of the app they use for time ?

  11. Drunk Magnus is probably better then sober Magnus. Less jittery and anxiety looking

  12. Officer, let's play chess so i can prove that im not drunk.

  13. Magnus is so fing good if he can beat an IM DRUNK

  14. Here’s the thing every player has their moments where they are at their physical best even if it’s a joke. Magnus is at his best (he has literally lost a hand full of games) drunk. Levy or Gotham chess is best when blindfolded and Hikaru is best when playing levy

  15. Never mess with:-

    1.Magnus Carlsen

    2.Shirtless Magnus Carlsen

    3.Drunk Magnus Carlsen

    4.CHEEKY FRANK!11!11

  16. Magnus was NOT drunk at all during the game. I refuse to believe that

  17. chess.skdks will do NOTHING about cheaters. I reported cowards who won 26 games with no Lose to chess.skdks and NOTHING.

  18. The commentator seems more drunk😂❤

  19. 내셔널 마스터 상대로 캐슬링도 하기 힘들어할 정도인데도 엔드게임서 발라버리네 ㅋㅋㅋ 대박이다

  20. classical you make each and every move easy to understand

  21. am i drunk right now i dont understand how that was checkmate someone please explain

  22. Magnus is a great chess player but an amateur drinker if he's "extremely drunk" after 5 shots.😂

  23. There should be a new FIDE titel —> DM = Drunken Master

  24. This is the moment Magnus Carlsen became Cagnus Marlsen

  25. I mean… all the blunders in this game are fair when you know that this guy was drunk with like 15 people watching him. He still won tho witch makes me impressed

  26. Drunken magnus vs 10 old years magnus .😅

  27. Bro how he is drunk in the beginning and mid game drinks more

  28. I play chess and drink whisky often. I’m 1600 ELO dead sober and 1550-1650 drunk. Sometimes I literally play better, and when I’m playing “worse” it is only marginally. Your chess instinct lives somewhere deep in your brain that for whatever reason doesn’t get that affected by drinking

  29. It would be funnier if magnus plays the drunken king variation

  30. He wins every game because he resigns once he's about to lose

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