When an 8 Year Old Prodigy Challenged Hikaru

Tani Adewumi has been a rising chess talent, a talented prodigy. When he was 8 years old he challenged professional chess player and streamer Hikaru. The result was shocking.

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  1. Its amazing how you can almost forget that one is a grown man and the other is an innocent prepubescent child.
    You can feel the minds battling and for few moments they are both just kids playing a game. Our souls and minds transcend our physical bodies.

  2. 'breaking news! 20 year old streamer and professional chess player hikaru chokes 8 year old chess prodigy tani after a game of chess. Sources state that tani was simply playing chess with hikaru until hikaru decided to grab him by the neck and choke him!'

  3. Go Tani! I’m gonna beat him one day though sadly

  4. I watched the video because I really thought this boy was someone 😂

  5. no way hikaru is going to make those low level mistakes he's just being nice to the kid

  6. Such a useless commentary. we can see the board now shut up bruh

  7. sorry but he didn't play 'incredibly well' at the start, it was just a 'book' Dragon Variation, which the commentator somehow doesn't mention.

  8. sorry but he didn't play 'incredibly well' at the start, it was just a 'book' Dragon Variation, which the commentator somehow doesn't mention.

  9. Even the great Magnus Carlson feels uncomfortable playing Hikaru.

  10. Why do comments say hikaru should not play professionally ?he is a pro against lets say above average kid player,you wanna say hikaru should just blunder and give away his queen etc?.much better to lose in order to become stronger

  11. One should be very wary of such small kids.
    Because they have what it takes to beat the older adults out there.😊

  12. How nice of this kid to let a lesser known tallent like Hikaru show what they're capable of!

  13. “Gotta Catch Em’ All!”
    Ash Ketchup- I mean Ketchum :>

  14. Interesting story, brilliant kid. Would have been more interesting to see one of the wins but thanks for featuring this young chess genius.

  15. QUENNNNNNNNNNNNNN DDDDDDD55555555555555555

  16. Hikaru should have💀Made 4-5 Queens and punish him

  17. what does 5 time US World champion mean lol/ hes never been world champion, i think they meant us champion

  18. How on god damn earth did this kid beat hikaru.

  19. The thing I know is both can beat me easily 🫠

  20. Not one of Tani s best moment but if u playing Hikaru that means ur screwed no matter what 😅😅 unless ur one of the top 10 player in the world 😅😅

  21. If he keeps this up Hikaru might stand a chance against Nakamura one day

  22. Wow, it will never cease to amaze me when I see a true child prodigy in action.

  23. This guy got sick great content and is still not at at least 500k subs AT LEASt

  24. I'm a total noob, unranked… Can someone please tell me why Hikaru chose not to move rook to D3 at 4:30 and march the king to the 1 column and checkmate? I am surely missing something, but I'm too inexperienced and dumb to figure it out. Please help. Thank you.

    Edit I mean his rook in the 8 column (or file or whatever it's called)
    Edit okay I watched till the end. I don't know why he did it, but he took more pieces for reasons I don't fully understand. But wow. Such skill by both players.

  25. nah , hikaru took more then tin minutes that jus proves he a world champ

  26. Hikaru is holding three Ballon d’Ors 😮

  27. I wouldn’t call someone who blundered a rook on the only game show a “prodigy” pretty standard actually.

  28. Classical can you stop interrupting the game just show mistake symbols if it’s a mistake or whatever symbols it is so plz stop it’s kinda cringe edit:no offense btw

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