When a 3 Year Old Prodigy Faced a World Champion

What happens when a 3 year old plays a world champ, find out in this action packed chess match between Anatoly Karpov and Misha Osipov


not ludwig 😉


  1. Russians play chess, Americans play cowboy.

  2. I can't even imagine trying to play chess against a GM at age 3. I was barely reading at that age.

  3. Kid probably would've done better in a different environment without all the people watching and Karpov not talking to him. Kid did amazing for being a 3 year old.

  4. Wow I’m 900 and I play the same

  5. You need to see the Dark Souls meme version of this 😂

  6. My four-year-old nephew used to play chess with me while he was watching cartoons, I was 35 and he made me feel as if I was a waste of time. We played four times in a row. I won the first two and the last one but I was sweating.

  7. Being three years old and being rated (by my estimation) like 600-700 is impressive, but why bring Karpov out for spectacle? The kid would’ve lost to many who were just in the audience – judging by the tripled pawns in just the first few moves.

  8. – 12th World Champion

    – International Grandmaster

    – Merit master of sport of USSR

    – Anatoly Karpov

  9. When I was 3.. I was learning how to write… even when I’m 10… I’m only 1200 I would lose in 10 moves

  10. Intellectuals?! Not in my Russia! To the Western front with you

  11. Misha has the nerve to cry, making adults around the world feel incompetent next to a 3 yr. old. ffs No worries Misha, you have the rest of your life to be the smartest one in the room.

  12. Muhammad Usman Muhammad Ayub- 2912440 says:

    I would beat him in chess boxing

  13. Karpov had years of advantage 😅😅😅

  14. As he gets older. He'll review that game and realize all the possible outcomes. He could become a unstoppable monster in just 7 more years!

  15. for all the chess agnostics, there is a much better video – just search for "why do i hear boss music (original)"

  16. When I was 8 months old I started eating food without the help of my parents

  17. Baby just thought he was playing just another old Man so he cried. How could I not beat just an old man? 😭

  18. The poor kid is three! The corpus callosum is barely getting started with mylinating the commisures. Children start in right hemisphere and chess needs a lot of both the right and left hemispheres. In short—to ask this 3 year old to beat a chess master who has a fully myelinated brain and therefore full access to both left and right hemispheres—is setting this child up for failure.

  19. im 11 and at 200 elo so i think the 3 year old is better than me

  20. That 3 year old's a genius! He knows if he wins he'll be the new world champ and if he loses the champ will look like the world's biggest jerk for not letting a 3 year old win! It's a win-win situation! BRILLIANT!!!

  21. আমি খেলা জানতেই পারি তবে বিভিন্ন রুপে খেলি হাঁসি

  22. Karpov is the best player against kids. He is a nice man who wants kids to get better in Chess. He could demolish this kid, but he choose to play nice with this 3 year old kid. The moves this kid showed in the game is amazing. He play chess better chess than most adult in the game

  23. kasparov would never have offered him a draw. he'd do his best to make him flag and mightve kicked the toddler a couple times too

  24. I don’t even know how to play chess and I’m 8 years old.💀💀💀💀

  25. Dont be too impressed, it s one of those fake shows, previous episode was about person who bends spoons by power of his mind

  26. I can't laugh when when the 3yo toddler bust into tears

  27. What impressed me the most was Karpov's conduct. What a wonderful pedagogue and human being! He didn't go easy on the kid but he didn't crush him like a flea (which is what Kasparov would have done). He treated him with respect.

  28. ???: When I was 3 years old, I already carved and made my own chessboard!
    Now try again quickly!

  29. When I was three I don’t even know chess but now I beat my father

  30. You ah be aight, ppl lose at chess everyday b you tough right ?

  31. Meanwhile the 3 year old kids in my neighbor barely know how to speak, they would probably eat the pieces.

  32. I’m 10 and I don’t even know how to play chess

  33. Anatoliy Karpov has that Gojo Satorou vibe : He tries to beat me?)

  34. Bros going to be the next Magnus carlsen

  35. The Prodegy vs The World Champion…
    That was the same vibe of Meruem vs Netero 😂

  36. Calling a 3 year old chess players move "dumb" is exceptionally stupid in itself. Bad take.

  37. I found one mistake in the match just pin the knight

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