When a 3 Year Old Prodigy Faced a World Champion

What happens when a 3 year old plays a world champ, find out in this action packed chess match between Anatoly Karpov and Misha Osipov


not ludwig 😉


  1. I love how karpov was playing cassually to let misha learn until he denied the draw and showed 1% of his power

  2. This boy will make a lot of grown ups cry over chess. And we will have the opportunity to watch to see it happenning again and again. Man, it will be beautiful.

  3. if he wins he will annex your house and parents.

  4. Other countries:This kid has potential. Let's train him.
    Russia:This kid has potential. Let's make him fight the final bosss

  5. When you master a game but find a powerfull secret boss you never knew and lose to the annoying Boss Time Limit

  6. Others : you will beat him one day.

    Russia : you will beat him.

  7. Jesus Christ by 30 this kid is going to invade Western Europe

  8. I don't even know a single thing about how chess works… 😂 (I'm 19)

  9. Most three year olds do not even know how to use the toilet by themselves Misha is amazing

  10. The champion needs to move the kid's focus to win

  11. اخبار كرة القدم مع AV says:

    The poor kid start to call his mom

  12. Meanwhile me at 3 years of age making papier mache willies to frighten girls at school ……

  13. Also, the announcer is grate man, Maxim Galkin. He was the main host of the program "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" (russian analog) for a long time, knows 5 languages, and he is also one of the best comedian-parodists in Russia. Now he does not live in Russia because of political persecution (anti-war stance). He is also the husband of Alla Pugacheva.

  14. This is some bullshit. I get that the 3 year old is a prodigy but put him against a weaker opponent. He is below 2000 rating. So put him against like the botez sisters or something.

  15. А если бы они играли не на время?

  16. WTF is with the "trash talk" and "teasing"? Karpov literally just told him that he should have accepted a draw as an advice to take out of this loss. Where's teasing there? Are Americans so used to trashtalking that they just see it in everything?

  17. while russians and chinese do this, we from the western world ask: what's a woman?

  18. I will just admit i don't know how to play chess

  19. Crying is a perfectly acceptable response to not winning at THREE YEARS OLD.
    We are presented with a chess prodigy and instantly forget he's first and foremost a toddler…
    Now then imagine what the boy grew up to become…
    I think he has or had the potential to become the next Karpov without a doubt.

  20. My name is Misha too and I gave up chess and play turn based strategies on computer now, am I a traitor? 😀

  21. 1:36 Moving the Bishop to e3 is not the best move here.

    1:59 Moving the bishop there is not the best move in the position.

  22. I love how Karpov respected the child enough to not go easy on him

  23. Karpov's conduct was that of a champion of champions. Offering draw twice was the highest level of sportmanship
    to encourage the young prodigy.

  24. Bro, it s the nimzo only after bb4. And a3 isn't stupid

  25. Bro why do i hear boss music😂😂😂

  26. kid:"i can ran verry fast for my age"
    great, now race against usain bolt

  27. The guy received the final boss's loot at the start, hahaha.

  28. So we gonna talk about how they bullied a 3 year old? Little dude had no time to prepare for a guy like karpov

  29. me in my 33 year old would cry if i face Karpov

  30. dude, being able to hold out against a champion is good enough already. after all, hes only 3

  31. I can still accept if it's still 7-8 years old, BUT 3 YEARS OLD??? Aw hell naw

  32. Portraying a game of chess so intensely I wonder if they ever make a chess anime

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