What Separates Stronger Chess Players Pt. 2

Piece Activity and Piece Placement are the subjects of this video.


  1. haha @ah93704, i actually enjoy this, its a little theatrical. Don't take it too seriously, also it makes me conscious to really dont lose the basic rules of chess. Im an average player, so for me this helps.

  2. just wondering how many moves were done after the video. you are saying very quickly but what does that mean? did you put him check mate with your queen to h7?

  3. Hahahahaha, I love your commentry! keep it up!

  4. Calm down, bro. Or actually don't because it's so freakin' funny and that's a good way to teach.

    I learned a few things about not being a total noob. (And had a few wtfs. But also began to understand why some moves were bad: they were too slow to accomplish the ideas black had. For instance, the Nb5 would be slightly justified if he moved it to Nd5 instead of moving the *other* knight and totally uncovering his h7 pawn.)

  5. Hi SuperChessGURO, I just don't understand why it needs to add the word ''strategic'' in the words ''strategic positioning of pieces'', when it is enough to say ''positioning of pieces'', so that it is easy to understand right?.

  6. you are some grand chess wizard…id knock you out with a real rook to the face

  7. Didn't watch this one yet and read the comments looking for more people mad at your attitude, which is literally the reason I came for part 2. I learn well from people like yourself as I am quite similar once I've mastered something so I can feed off that perspective well. I'm glad to see everyone else can agree you have quality commentary. To the kid saying you'll knock him out: you never know man…I play chess and I'm 5'11" 190 9% body fat atm lmao. Dont gotta be a shrimp to love chess!

  8. The variation you were imagining him play instead of the Nb6 was actually extremely similar to how Topalov's queen side played out in Kasparov's Immortal. So yah, that IS what a grandmaster would play. Lmao. (:

  9. You are the most annoying arrogant useless chess commentator on this tube man. Get over yourself and please don't sniffle at the beginning of your videos. It's bad manners.

  10. He's ok.. well, I think that will work for me hahaha I'll keep in mind for the rest of my life to looking for ways to activate my pieces!


    This is chewbacca…

    Man this guy take poor play rather seriously. Quite a bit of venom for a board game.

  12. if he see this video he will stop chess ^^

  13. I think after Rf7 is not so simple to win "very very fast"

  14. I'm sure your intention is to make videos for lower rated players, thus you use your opponents mistakes to do so, but really you should not be so hateful about it, specially if its not you game, no sportsmanship there. I mean at some point we all had to learn the very very basics….

  15. I can picture Garry Kasparov commentary. Garry: He played King h1… how the ***K (BEEP) was he thinking? That was the most retarded move ever! (chung beer down throat)

  16. Nice Video. Keep slamming the idiotic moves. Punish g5 by taking it with the knight and then follow up with Qh5. Game Over.

  17. I hate that thing where when they put up the queen bishop pawn to die and after you take it they either move their queen to attack a rook or crack the pawns by moving the queen rook pawn.

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  20. not really a good sport to talk that way about your oppenent 

  21. How on earth can you justify a move like this? 

  22. good video and great explanation i like  and it greetings from Egypt

  23. Another helpful video! These are great! Also, I thought I might share that when I hear you talk I hear Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. (It could be just me.)

  24. Pretty good video about making sure you don't make positional mistakes

  25. at 13:17 Nxg5 is the best move. HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU MISS THAT??????. Qe4  pfff too slow.

  26. I was at the Tiger Tournament! I was next to your board and watched your game during the round. It was interesting. It's funny to find it here!!! Haha! So surprising.

  27. 7:50 by moving Black moving his B pawn to harass the Bishop he gains a tempo, and can activate his sleeping Light Bishop and push his A pawn and eventually put his Knight in his desired square? All while devolping his pieces. THANK you for the simple highlight. I am serious I did not see that and I would have made a silly devolpment move as Black did with his Knight. I am not "creative" enough I suppose.

  28. @superchessguru Listen homes..
    You have a borderline SNOBISH attitude. You kind of demean his play and are so confident in your pedal stool with comments like "That Knight is never going anywhere in a million years."
    You are my kind of vato I like that confidence and attitude.

  29. I like your videos. I feel you can be a bit over critical at times. It comes across as a bit harsh. I know you are emphasising your points, which are good ones, but we all have bad days,  maybe this was one of his. Excellent instruction though. Keep up the good work!

  30. Very good series — lots of useful ideas — thank you! Sorry you lost your equipment…

  31. You need a healthy dose of contempt for your opponent while playing. It's worth roughly 50ish elo points. His attitude is correct.

  32. To answer your question: The knight was attacking the bishop, and opening up the d file for his queen

  33. You're such a dislikeable person. Nearly all you do is making fun of the other player. So, you are better than him. You must be so proud. Don't want to imagine what a Magnus Carlsen would think when he watched your games. I learned hardly anything from this video. Only this: It was the only and last time I came in contact with your channel. Watch a video of Dereque Kelly for instance to see how you analyze games!

  34. Good point about positional errors from black. He took much too long to get the light-squared bishop active and also had a knight blocking the b pawn, which usually is one that needs to be moved as a key pawn break for black in positions like this. His pieces and pawns were not working together for a common goal. After about the first 10 moves, black was practically playing 2 pieces down because of the inactive bishop and the misplaced knight.

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