What Separates Stronger Chess Players | How to Become a MASTER?

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What separates stronger chess players from others? What is it that they know about chess that makes them stronger? That is exactly what GM Igor Smirnov has explained in this video lesson.

He explains the 3 main differences between stronger chess players and amateur chess players.


  1. Qe1+ if b×q then we can take queen
    And if bishop does not capture queen then we can take bishop white has to take our queen with his queen but then we have enough compensation.

  2. I think Qg4 also not work bcz after that instead capturing the queen by pawn white can play Rg3. Am I right???

  3. I love these formal jokes from formal men 😂

  4. queen to f1 to put opponent in check, either bishop takes or king moves. afterwards, take opp's queen

  5. Qd1+ doesn't work because the king can just move out of the way Kh2 and you didn't resolve the problem and your queen is hanging now. BUT Qd1+ can transpose into the winning line.

    Qg4 works because if Rg3 and you have no threat and the threats of the opponent are renewed. If gxQ then RxQ, BUT QxR earlier leads to a black position up 10 points. So hxQ is forced and you have an extra rook.

    Qe1 Draws: Qe1 then Kh2 again renewing the threat then QxB. QxQ and then count material: 5 pawns 1 queen 1 rook vs 6 pawns 2 rooks one bishop. 19 vs 19. You survive and you can continue in an equal game with c5. BUT the white queen is better than a bishop rook pawn.

  6. 8:00 if you started playing chess after 7 years old its actually completely imposible to become a grandmaster no matter how hard you try it doesnt matter even if you somehow work and study chess 247 you wont reach that level
    But you can become a very good player

  7. Wow amazing puzzle
    Queen g4 sacrofise with checkmate threat he has to take the queen and now the opoments queen can be freely taken cause rook b3 isnt pqrt of a checkmait pwtern and youre simply up material even if you just traded queens

  8. I beat master level unlocked grandmaster level 9 and lost 59 games straight .

  9. Qg4 covers Qxg7# and threatens Qxg2#. If hxg4 then we take the Queen and there is no Rg3+ because the pawn blocks the Rook. If Rg3 we take it and after he takes our Queen we take his Queen.

  10. My opinion is after some correct moves, remaining whites rook and queen vs blacks whole rook and light square bishop. (Sorry for my poor english )

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