What Is Hikaru’s Net Worth, Really?

Hikaru reads and corrects an article on the richest chess players in the world.

00:00 The 10 Richest Chess Players, Intro
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  1. 13:35 the laws in Europe are not like the ones in the USA. If you find oil, or whatever, on your property, it belongs to the state, you get absolutely nothing. Maybe eviction. Those are the laws in the EU countries at least, I think Russia is similar.

  2. This list is a joke but I would like to know if the idiot that wrote this even knows what chess is, 1 paragraph he says Carlsen isn’t active but than in nakamuras paragraph he/she says that naka is behind Carlsen in rank lol.. gezzz

  3. Vishy could be more cause he has also done endorsements and commercials for IBM, pepsi(?), etc… (some borderline cringey, you can find on youtube)

  4. Kinda funny that everyone in the live chat says Hikaru is worth ATLEAST $5 million although he just said he is worth atleast $45 million less than $50 million. Math sure ist hard 😀

  5. maybe they just tried to bait you into reviewing their article to get themselves some exposure :d

  6. of course above 45 mill! Big brain helps a lot when it comes to stocks

  7. Elon Musk played chess one time, that makes him the richest chess player!

  8. Hey Hikaru when will you be posted again in the list of the top 100 players in the Fide rating system website? The last post of you on the list is in August 2018!!!

  9. These sort of articles are ridiculous. You don't know other people's assets that they hide or don't mention. It's stupid clickbait. Like a broken clock if they happen to get it right it's just a fluke.

  10. Hikaru makes more money 💰 in youtube alone…

  11. T.T….tbh i dont think there is gonna be a gm as cool as you ever…. like ever …

  12. Dude. Your net worth is 50 mil. Dam. I thought you are one of those ordinary normal chess player. But anyway you are my favorite .

  13. Holy fuck, pls hire me mr.nakamure I clean casitas really bien

  14. Where is MVL in comments telling his net worth 👀?

  15. I thought hikaru really was richest player, but he is considerably lower than other players.

  16. richess chess players are billionaires who play chess. Now if you say riches profestional chess players… idk

  17. There were a lot of rumors that Karpov provide very rich people with banking services during the soviet union when the whole banking thing was forbidden. Everyone knows that he is very good with money and he has a lot of powerful friends. The guy is a mastermind

  18. Most tax records are public in Norway: Magnus' investment company has 10 million in assets. He owns property in Oslo be bought for around 5-6(guessing 50% increased value today). Add to that sponsors, endorsements and playing fees over the years(around 3 million a year). He might have assets overseas, but doubt its significant.

  19. Hikaru is not worth 50mil, hes at least 10-100x 🙂

  20. Don't forget, Karpov also carves chess pieces in his shop…😏

  21. It’s funny because you can just google what Magnus Carlson net worth is and it tells you $50 estimated meaning he is probably worth more yet they said $5million 😂

  22. A list like this is kind of absurd. If you put a chess set in front of say… Elon Musk, then suddenly he's the richest chess player in the world. It'd make more sense to just list earnings from tournaments.

  23. Hikaru ur worth more then the rest of the community combined! Can I have a loan the economy is pretty bad right now, I’ll pay u back 🙄 lmao jk. Congrats though man on taking something u love and making it financially very successful! You’ve never worked a day in your life!

  24. Its wild that chess players even make this much lol

  25. magnus was worth around 200 million NOK in 2020 according to a norwegian finance newspaper called E24 (im norwegian btw so i know it's a legit source) @GMhikaru
    so thats around 20 million USD so you can add whatever he has gained since 2020 in winnings and stocks falling/rising.

  26. Wonder where would Beth Harmon fall on the list

  27. The richest chess player is bill gates, he played chess once. ("

  28. Kasparov isn't that rich. He invested it all poorly in Beanie Babies.

  29. The timeline that Karpov was on top of makes him not close to no1. There where nowhere near the money there is now.

  30. 50mil is richer than mr beast, I think

  31. Look at the gap between the bullet demon and others. How on earth could this happen?! 🤔

  32. No way you're worth 5 million Hikaru 😀 I'd guess at least 25 mill

  33. If Hikaru decided to enrich himself even more he could educate himself on entrepreneurship he could invest $50,000,000 for a company… imagine Hikaru being billionaire

  34. I agree. People love to write about others net worth and the accuracy is often just speculative.

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