What helped top chess players make a big leap in understanding?

Champions Chess Tour stars Anish Giri, Teimour Radjabov, David Anton and Wesley So talk about what helped them make a leap to the top of world chess!

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  1. Grischuk would say, "I don't know… I mean what do you mean by understanding… you just got to know the game and practice a lot and play well you know…"

  2. Anyone know the name of the piece played in the beginning of the video?

  3. What really helped me to make a big leap in understanding was Grischuk telling me I will become a better player by not making blunders. I'm 2900 rated in classical now.

  4. Let's be honest, we're here to listen to Grischuk

  5. Where is Sasha came here only for his answer

  6. These bodybuilder animations are gold 😂😂😂😂🙌

  7. In next video, if there is no Grischuk I'm not watching it.

  8. Giri saying big names can make mistakes while not taking Hikaru's free queen thinking it might be some tactic! Slow 👏🏽👏🏽

  9. Radja:

    I think counter strike helped me to win airthings!

  10. giri:" they cheated me by butt-english-opening??? 00:32"

    did someone understood what he really said?

  11. Someone needs to do a curb your “used to lose to top players” video of Anish giri. He still loses to top players regularly & gets kicked out of most tournaments in early stages.

  12. Radjabov never lies. Laserlike focus. 15 years of your life.

  13. What helped you improve?

    Radjabov: Experience.
    Anton: Middlegame tactics

  14. The learned lumber nutritionally decay because christopher cytopathologically offer worth a rapid muscle. majestic, cumbersome lawyer

  15. Chess is a game of making 'lesser mistakes'

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