What do chess players read? | FIDE World Cup 2019 |

Ever wondered if you share some book preferences with your favorite chess players? Figure it out with the help of this video!


  1. Can't help but noticing, nobody mentioned chess books: Tal, Karpov, Larsen… Pity!

  2. Aronian has EXCELLENT taste 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  3. Big deal. Danny Rensch has read the complete Mr. Men series twice.

  4. Nepo brings two Nabokov's books, one of them must be Lolita

  5. The book of " Ang Alamat ng Burat mo"

  6. Maganda basahin.. .. " Kapag ang palay, naging bigas. May bumayo

  7. Nepo and Levon are the only two who are serious about reading.

  8. Just let Ding speak Chinese so we will know what are his really favourite books

  9. It's a crime to not ask this question to Peter Svidler.

  10. – I dont read much
    – Mekhitarian .K S

  11. Very good idea to ask such a question, however, the question is clearly not properly formulated. As a result, most of the answers are not giving concrete examples. I suggest you should at the least ask for an example of a book or an author.

  12. who chose to put the subtitles in comic sans???????

  13. Is the "Platonov" Aronian was mentioning a russian name for Plato?

  14. they just read self motivational idiotic stuff

  15. Was not expecting Ding to be a Raymond Carver fan. He’s an excellent writer and my favorite short story writer, but I would’ve guessed Ding to be more of a non-fiction type.

  16. Glad to see Terry Pratchett cropping up more than once 🙂

  17. I thought Giri's mother tongue WAS Dutch! What's his mother tongue then? anybody know?

  18. You should put subtitles to Translate ding as well

  19. Why did I think Ding Liren would say his favorite author is Mao Zedong

  20. Bruh why are the subtitles in comic sans gag

  21. Why some are welcomed to use their mother tongues and others aren't.

  22. So Nepo can speak Russian when he is very clearly much more comfortable in English than Ding, but Ding cant speak in Chinese?

  23. So, noone gonna talk that the only one that doenst read anything is the one is african.

  24. A lot of chess players said they love reading novels or fiction. But Vidit didn't. I am not being critical here but I almost knew he would say self help or autobiographies. It wasn't surprising. We indians lack the knack for reading good literature. When we choose a book to read, it's usually something we think would be of use to us – whether it will inspire me, improve my mind, teach me secret life lessons etc. It's a very transactional mindset. We fail to appreciate art, narratives and beauty for their own sake. Ofcourse there are many exceptions. But after moving to America and working as an Literature instructor at a college I can tell the difference. Most young people in India read far less literary fiction than young Americans and Europeans. It needs to change.

  25. We gotta keep in mind outside of chess, they’re just normal people

  26. Which book or author did Ding say? I couldn't understand.

  27. Hypermodern chess, alekhine and my sistem, nimzovicht

  28. I wish in this kind of interviews they would let Ding talk in Chinese and then add subtitles, he's always limited in his answers because he isn't very fluent in english.

  29. indian accent is the cleanest and most easily understandable

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