What do chess players have for breakfast?

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, Alexander Grischuk, Anish Giri, Wesley So and more Meltwater Champions Chess Tour players answer questions about their daily lives.

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  1. Grischuk could tell me he eats lions for breakfast and I would doubt it for a second

  2. "Bon apétit" at the end has a spelling error, it's "Bon appétit" in french (with 2 p). But other than that, interesting video 🙂

  3. Non of them do the full English breakfast??
    I’m disappointed 😢😂😆

  4. There should be a whole episode only on Grischuk

  5. Grischuk : "my breakfast????"

    Me :"oh shit i guess he got angry.."

    Grischuk "pancake"

  6. Reporter: what is the ideal breakfast?
    Alexander Grischuk: it depends. During the candidates 1953, Smyslov …

  7. I'm pretty sure Grischuk is talking about Russian style pancakes, which are like crepes, rather than a stack of thick American pancakes with maple syrup. And he clearly said four eggs, not apples.

  8. Nobody:

    Grischuk: i have 2 bottles of vodkaaa

  9. Où sont les 200g de haricots verts MVL putain ?!

  10. Now Since you guys have recorded it, can you release Sir Grischuk from prison please

  11. Don't eat breakfast guys, you'll be rewarded later in life

  12. I was totally prepared for Grischuk to say vodka and pickles

  13. I just came to see the feast Grischuk has for breakfast

  14. Hikaru eating salads while grabbing the juicer

  15. You gotta love Grischuk, he's the only reason I've been watching these….

    Oh, and they know it too, that's why he's on the thumbnail!

  16. Next question : How many time do chess players have sex in per week

  17. Doctors: We have to learn how to make vaccine for corona
    Chess24: Vaccine comes next first learn what chess player have for breakfast

  18. I think either chess24 or the youtube algorithm has figured out that Grischuk thumbnails are the key

  19. I came here only to hear GRISHCHUK 'S answer😂😂

  20. Radja, what do you eat for breakfast?
    Radja: Counter Strike

  21. Grishchuk is on another level 😂😂😂

  22. wow almost all eat crappy except el nino anton who doesn't have breakfast

  23. Didn't Grischuk say "4 eggs" and not "4 apples"? 4 apples went up on the screen.

  24. I was expecting Alex gris to say:-'I eat time for breakfast:)'

  25. The player who doesnt eat breakfast is by far the weakest chess player of the group. Coincidence?

  26. I’m a simple man. I see Grischuk, I click.

  27. "maybe a croissant"
    le of course 🥐 🥐

  28. Mvl wouldn't be French if he doesn't eat "cghawason" for breakfast

  29. Captain Grischuk said 4 eggs, not 4 apples. Video editor, listen carefully 🙂 have a good day!

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