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  1. Is it only me or does everyone know to play chess from 7 years

  2. I need another tv series about chess, but this time main characters should be a group of reckless goofy intellectuals 😂

  3. Так Каспарова бутылировали оказывается, а я думал, что он в злобе то живёт

  4. Советская власть взрастила Каспарова.
    Но доллар сказал – укуси руку что кормида тебя.

  5. I love chess so much. Before I got into it I thought it would be boring old men at the top but it’s really like a sitcom at the grandmaster level

  6. I am telling ya man Hikaru got stockfish on ceeling. Everytime he calculating he do be looking at the ceeling

  7. We need hikaru saying that this that there check checkmate

  8. Gothamchess may not be a GM but the dude is by far the best chess player I’ve seen. The most entertaining one at least

  9. Now the story of tortoise vs rabbit will be replaced by Luna25 vs Chandryaan3…♥️

  10. Who is gotham chess? i can explain its THE ROOOOOKKK

  11. Всё чемпионы ходят ногами, а Гарри Акимовича носят на руках. Вот!

  12. Magnus just slept while he in match with his enemy :/

  13. They did @GothamChess dirty 😂😂😂

  14. sorry but gotham chess has no business being in this video. He needs to be in any video that features Danny Rensch playing chess 😅. That's more his speed.

  15. Kasparov and pragannada forgotten event was in restroom was epic and went to win

  16. Magnus showing that he can defeat vishvy even in his sleep and he did. 😂👍

  17. Knew something like this was gonna happen when i hear that music😂

  18. Че за рыжуха с Непомнящим?

  19. Magnes carles the late comer like he just finish game in 30 seconds😅

  20. Vishy and Praggnanandhaa laughing in corner 😂

  21. To put Gotham chess in the same video of these legends is more than an insult. Clown behavior if you may

  22. Magnus casually sleeping in front of anand 💀

  23. Levy is the greatest flying grasshopper in chess history

  24. Where is Agad? No Agad no like – and Chess Brasil also

  25. Acha….where is pragganand, vishwanath anand,..

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