we asked chess players if anyone can become a grandmaster

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  1. Just getting FM (2300 FIDE) is hard enough 😅

  2. Clearly if it weren't for those extra 3 years of chess Anna Kramling would be 2600 by now

  3. Alot of ppl started way young but didn't make it to GM and with enough work you can become an IM which is considered a high title not many can reach

  4. So sad, I start to love chess at 26, can I be GM someday?

  5. Only Alex would stand there and ask those questions.

  6. There are less than 2000 GM in the world. The answer is almost no one can become a GM

  7. I was born a year before Fisher won the title and thanks to Fisher fever my dad had countless chess books that i used to steal and read . Few years later he bought a Fidelity chess challenger (circa 1979) and that was my main competition in my childhood . Then i got an Apple 🍎 IIe and bought sargon 2 , then chessmaster came out and i had that on gameboy, super nintendo . I was fascinated with how each one played and use yo play them against each other. Then AOL hit and ICC internet chess club) dropped in the 90's and that was it …anyone who was anyone was on ICC back then . Even Fisher used to log on secretly where he crushed Nigel Short 8-0 in 2 min lighting ( it wasnt called bullet back then ) i beat a few GMs in 5 min blitz as i was low IM strength back then . I still play expert level chess but i feel if i didnt have a 9 to 5 all those years and sacrificed a family i think i could have made GM. Grandmasters start out just like everyone else who starts relatively young but the difference is they don't get distracted and keep at it . Fisher said " a lot of top players werent that talented they just work like dogs " like anything else you get back what you put in .

  8. I’m 17 I’m gonna study hard I feel like I’m already passed the age though 😢

  9. I'm teaching my 4 year old sister the basics rn. I think she's learning pretty fast, obviously not anything too special, but she already knows how every piece moves and captures more or less.

  10. I hope to see you at the WSOP this year Alex..❤😘🤩

  11. Who cares about being a grand master? I would just want to get good. 😊

  12. So u should start playing chess before 11

  13. him: it is harder to become a grandmaster if you start playing chess over 11

    me who started playing at 13: So i have no future

  14. Anna cramling !!! Love her so much ❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Every healthy person could become a GM, and even if you're not you can heal first and become the one later on. Sometimes though it takes God to heal you.
    I know Capablanca once said Everyone can play perfect chess and I agree on that.
    If given enough TIME to study and practice each on of us are able even to solve the chess in the end.
    The following words come from the former workd chess champion mr. Carlsen:
    “It used to be much easier, but now it has become much more difficult because people have found more or less forced lines in most openings. Even in the London System, you need a lot of preparation to play now"
    The true knowledge, not in chess alone, is already becoming abundant today.
    You gain where you put.

  16. Welp, here I am picking up the chess habit at 38, watching this video and thinking I'm doomed to noob status now 😅

  17. And here I am getting down on myself for not being as good as these YouTubers when I literally started playing casually a year ago lol

  18. Petrosian started very late, and was world champion. Ljubojevic (something like that) was soccer player, and became GM.

  19. It's about improvement and understanding of the game.
    Enjoy the game and it's nuances.

  20. "Even a grandpa can become a grandmaster"

    -GigaChad but not me

  21. The real answer is basically no one can be a grandmaster. Even if you start early, put in lots of effort, get all kinds of access to coaching, etc.
    You need to have natural ability.

    Starting later just means you're that many reps behind.

  22. Hey Botez Sisters. 👋 I Love Y'all content. I've been playing since I was like 3-5 years old. I'm rated 1200 in Bullet Chess & 1800 in Puzzles. Advice! : Keep at it, & Control Your Time

  23. Let's put the bar down people. Somebody please ask the experts on can you still become an IM, FM or a CM if you start late in life.

  24. Because after late in life there are a lot thing to do 😅😅😅

  25. Lets be real Magnus could have started at 24 and still became a GM.

  26. Me: “I started playing when I was 5 years old, I took a break for 2 years and now I’m at 600 elo at 13”

  27. As a 10 year old I 'm 264 elo and my dream is becoming a grandmaster

  28. They just killed me I just started at 22

  29. Why do you have to start before 15? Chess is not a physical sport. Can’t a genius in other field become grandmaster if he dedicates time?

  30. Last one gives me hope as a 15 year old.

  31. Whats the definatiation of starting? like I began playing pretty much like age 5-6 but only against my brother and family for really long, more competitively at like 13-14, 1700 at 15

  32. I think we're on different topics, love you

  33. Welp, I can settle for my 1500 Elo on chess.com😅😅😅 (I'm 29yo rn). Jokes aside, hope i can reach expert at least (2000 elo)

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