Watch Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov Beat 11 People At Chess Simultaneously #Shorts

World-famous Russian chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov proved he very much still has the game of chess on lock when he simultaneously beat 11 opponents during the Collision Conference held in Toronto on June 22, 2022. Kasparov, who some have dubbed the “King’s Gambit,” became the youngest ever undisputed World Chess Champion in 1985 at the age 22.

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  1. What the hell 11 I couldn’t even beat 1 if I try

  2. Great Garry Kasparov👍

  3. My favourite chessmaster of all time : an incredible attacker…huge respect for him

  4. That's really not hard for him to do unless they are seasoned high ELO players that are at least masters. Which is still low Elon for him

  5. Beast mode 💪 😤 😎 💯

  6. You can be a legend if you beat Garry even in the simul.

  7. Why not magus carlson instead of 11 😂

  8. One time I had a math teacher blindfold himself and beat me and two others on one board in chess. Unfortunately he died in a tragic accident about a year later. I’ll never forget that guy.

  9. I don't think this game would be so boring if they had cheerleaders 😂

  10. Wow ese es mi campeón de todos los tiempos , yo creo que es el mejor de todos seguido de Anatoli kharpov

  11. Fun fact – Chess is an Indian game means Chess originated in India and now it is world famous, The government of Armenia made Chess compulsory to teach in school and learn that you can search in Google also while only 20% Indians only like chess and 50%+ like Ludo and remaining etc.

  12. Carlsen done this in his head whilst sitting in a chair with his back to his opponents… disrespect gary.

  13. I currently hold the world record for simultaneous chess exhibitions. I defeated 97 players, including visiting Masters, in 2007 at carousel center Mall with no losses and no draws over 8 hours.. this exhibition defeated casablancas 1922 victory over a p p r o x. Same number of players because he had one draw. The exhibition was held at carousel center Mall to raise money for children with cancer called Make a wish foundation. This was year number 10 for the exhibition at the mall. To my knowledge, just 100% victory with nearly 100 strong players remains unmatched over the last 15 years. I became a USCF master around 19 83 but was Master strength after defeating Walter Browne in a simultaneous exhibition at Chess City in 1975.

  14. Kasparov is the GOAT. This is something Fischer would have felt too entitled to do.

  15. It would be so funny if the next 30secs of the video he walks around to each table and loses right away to each opponent 😂

  16. Imagine him losing to players one by one 😁

  17. he looked at the first guy like "are you f-ing kidding me?" takes

  18. Wow he looks like he’s full of energy despite being old. Gotta love this man

  19. I loved the part where he beat 11 people simultaneously.

  20. This is only impressive when they are blindfolded otherwise it’s just a grandmaster playing children

  21. You know the vibe when the comment u spent effort making gets zero likes but the one you spent zero effort on blows up?

  22. Paul Murphy played 8 of the strongest players in France simultaneously…
    Imho, the greatest that ever played. Genius

  23. حافظ بالخمسين الف حاله شطرنجيه حاجه كدا وهمممممم 😂

  24. Chess players are not used to standing, specially not when they don't stand a chance😎

  25. Kasparov does not believe that Carlson was cheated.

  26. Am I the only one who thinks Kasparov looks like a sweet old mole with white hair? 😄

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