Want to be 1500 in chess?

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0:00 Intro
1:40 Game 1
18:52 Game 2
39:15 Game 3
56:50 Game 4

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  1. Fun fact, you can sign up as advanced and be placed 1600

  2. I always lose when my mom calls me to do thing 😭 then i play again and she calls again

  3. Very instructive video. When I am playing its different, I tend focus on a strategy and forget that I have to keep an eye on the entire board. Usually end up missing a pin

  4. Me thinking like im an 1000 elo player but im a 560 elo '^'

  5. Game 2, 22:32 Qb5 forks the bishop and the knight, most probably, black pieces would let the knight die as u can move forward a pawn, but maybe I'm missing something, can we have a debate about this position?

    Edit: Typed Qd5 and intended to type Qb5

  6. better than 96% is just1500 elo? that low?

  7. want to be 1500 in chess? don't play at those certain famous chess sites filled with people smurfing and using bots artificially strengthening 1k-1200

  8. Edit: Forgot about the bishop. Would have to attack that first.

    35:45 Why not Qxa7? Threatens check with Qxf7+ and forces the king to the h8 square. Then Qxe8+ Rxe8 Nxf7+ Kh7 Nxh6.

    Mind you I'm 900-1000 rated 🤣

  9. I fell in love with chess because of your videos! Thanks! It’s a blast.

  10. What a menace. He spent, what i would consider, valuable time to explain the many ways to beat this guy each turn. Just casually. Very informative

  11. as a 550 player, i have to say, i have very little clue at how you can see all this lol

  12. 1500 can check, maybe even several times in a row, can castle, can fork with a knight …

  13. Thanks Levi amazing content keep it going we love it!!!

  14. 58:45 why is queen check threaten pawn -> if check blocked by pawn take pawn with knight take rock not an option?

  15. 1:16:40 16.Bg4 is screaming to be played instead of Be2 and Bb5 in game 4, as in 16.Bg4 Nxg4 17. Qxg4 Bxf2 18 Rxf2 looks solid. 16. Be2 Rc8!? looks good to me as well.

  16. I am once more motivated to play chess and cry at my own blunders

  17. Im slightly new at chess but I’m just wondering why you didn’t fork the knight and the bishop by moving your queen to b5 @ 22:34 ? By the looks of it your opponent has no choice but to lose one of them

  18. 0:43 got me thinking about how i'd respond when they ask me in interviews about how i achieved such a feat

  19. 9:40 Sir , instead of white pushing knight to b3 …. How about pushing pawn to C4? We can get a connected pawn

  20. Sir when i watch your videos i learn a lot

  21. That situation I would love to bring my horse to d5 as white pieces at time 1:08:00 can you discuss that + Iam a big fan continue that great job from 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬

  22. I just loved the 2nd match about how you beated the player with time though u were a piece down

  23. Do you realize that how much he earns via youtube just by playing chess.
    yes FUC*ING chess

  24. That first game was very instructive. Haven't had time to watch the next two yet

  25. Lul, I’ll watch “Want to be Happy Playing Chess?” Oh wait 💀… guess watch party it is 😂

  26. This video is amazing and does exactly what it claimed to my rating. Of course, I used to be 2100, but that's besides the point!

  27. Considering playing f6 on that 4th game looks terrifying. And I don't get scared ever.

  28. I saw a4 in the last game when you played f6!

    I'm definitely getting better watching these.

  29. Yeah I agree with several of the other comments. You showing the better move yet playing the obvious moves is an outstanding instructive tool. Those moments alone are worth the time to watch these. Good job, Levy!

  30. I know you act like you suck sometimes for content but that f6 move was fucking beautiful man

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