Want to be 1500 in chess?

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0:00 Intro
1:40 Game 1
18:52 Game 2
39:15 Game 3
56:50 Game 4

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  1. I thought for sure the joke of the video was that you kept talking so long that he won on time, and that the rank differential of a 1000 beating a 2400 brought him up to 1500.

  2. Homie you got the 2nd biggest water bottle I've ever seen

  3. im 200 rated and i just learned to chekmate someone with king and queen

  4. Game 3: The quintessence of "beautiful queen sacrifice."

  5. 3:35 Bf5 here is actually a very common mistake because White has dxc5 and he has a surprisingly big advantage after Bxc2 cxb6 so g6 is the best move, you’re confusing the Bf5 motif in lines where Black has already pushed c4 himself. Bf5 is quite a common mistake, even Karjakin played it in a Titled Tuesday game and he lost

  6. How can i make hypothetical moves like he does? I mean he moves his or his oppenent pieces without playing them to better see position..

  7. im 1500 and want to be 2000. I understand a lot, but I keep blundering.

  8. what would you call this? a tempo fork? @~11.30

  9. btw are you named after Levi Yitzchak the rebbe's father or of berditchev?

  10. I do not in fact want to be 1500. As an 1800, that would kinda stink. I would like to break 2k at some point but not a high priority goal

  11. How come they never kick your pinning bishop with a pawn?

  12. Can someone tell me why bishop in game 3 goes to g5? usually f4 seems natural to me

  13. I am very interested what would have happened if Gotham play f Knight to d6. That square is Defended by the whites Bishop but you have it protected by your other horse and it opens up the f file for your rook. 1:04:53

  14. And in this position, Levy Rozman sacrificed THE QUEEEEN!

  15. Tbf mate playing a 1052 rated player doesn't really help someone get to 1500. As a 1500 rated player its taken me a couple thousand games of playing people at the same rating. a 1500 player would beat a 1052 player 9 times out of 10.

  16. Game 3 was beautiful. I'm currently around 1050 and I think I could easily do around 1400–1500 if I wouldn't always blunder 3 times in a single game. And to avoid blunders, simply more practice would be needed.

  17. love the win at chess videos! favourite series for sure.

  18. helo you play realy well i enjoy from your videos i want to know why in 7:30 you did not move your knight to e4

  19. Can someone please tell me how does Levy get those arrows on the board

  20. Thanks for this! I'm participating in my first in-person tournament soon and have been stuck at 1200. I'm going to pour over your free stuff (because I'm poor) and I'm hoping to make some progress.

  21. "It's not the best move, but it is a move"
    Me after every move I make.

  22. Hey @gothamchess .

    I am pretty new to getting into chess, just wondering at 22:26 you move queen to E3. I can't see why you don't go aggressive knight d4 to f5.

    They would try to push it with g6. Then you can queen g3 gives you so much power over them.

    Am I missing something obvious?

  23. Дмитрий Волошановский says:

    wow thank you for this tutorial Levy!

  24. hi Levy, great stuff. Question: how do you play a caro kann black opponent if you are a Vienna player? Let's suppose I want to stick to this opening for a while. A big amount of guys play caro now, probably because your promotion of this opening. So, I want to keep playing Vienna but facing caro players is really an issue. I couldn't find anything on this matter. Maybe you can help, taking into cosideration you promote both opening as being a good stuff for beginner-intermediate players. Thanks.

  25. Should have sacrificed the white bishop to a2 followed by queen to a4

  26. I have a 1500 but ONLY because I got it years ago back when the base elo was 1200. Then I stopped playing for a long time and came back to it still being 1500 with the new base elo being 800 or w/e. I’ve mostly just been playing against bots and my friends. A bit scared to go against an actual 1500.

  27. interesting I've ever done any formal chess training but I also gravitated to the Carro Khan opening as black didn't know the name until recently though.

  28. Fun and interesting, but I'm not sure how this gets me to 1500.

  29. 49:34 "Yeah, this is, this is bad. This is a bad situation……… for my opponent."

  30. Wait a minute… I'm 1600. So I'll lose elo if I watch this video?

  31. Of course his speedy, it's slim shaney dude

  32. I liked a lot, thank you!!! I will have to watch it soon again

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