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0:00 Intro and 5 STEPS

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  1. Levy helped me so much, I was stuck in 1250 for so long but I finally became 1000 😇

  2. What’s the checklist he’s talking about

  3. Man I wish I played people like this. I get 300s who play like the 1500s in your videos it's awful.

  4. Guys, I need help. As I am beginner when I had a match against top elo rater player, I lost 75 elo points while he defeated me. Why do I lose so much elo points?

  5. As 2187 rated i conform that these tactics are very incredible

  6. If I could stop blundering, I'd totally be 1000. If I had a dollar for every game where I clearly was going to win and then just did something that someone with an extra chromosome would do, I would be a millionaire

  7. Except the last two games,i am better than all the players but still,i am just a 650😢

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, Chess is hard but I am harder.

  9. After a couple months plateau hardstuck 500-550 today I broke past 600 to 664 elo 🎉 started playing in March 🤘

  10. Everyone "1000 and 1500 so easy" Levy " black made 1 innacuracy and this is how you get to 1000"

  11. bruh im low rated but the players I get play the most amazing shit i've ever seen

  12. I just started a few weeks ago

    950 today

    Thanks man

    Your explanations are sooo 🙂👍

  13. I'm 966 i hope after this video i become a 4 digit elo

  14. i hit 910 this august and fell down to 750s now 😭😭😭

  15. Man i wish the 900s i played play how they do in this video 🤣

  16. Geez! I see the difference in myfirst play

  17. that hairline is going backwards faster than Usain bolt💀💀

  18. After this I went on to defeat the 1400 bot David. I was unable to defeat him, but after thus video I checkmated him. Thank you so much Levy

  19. God is it just me ? or ur opponents play like magnus and I am 800

  20. 500 elo players ain't playing this garbage now days 🥲🥲they literally crushh ….

    (I'm 500… But not good lol)

  21. I don't know much about chess opening , tactics and end game ,,,but I'm at 1000 ,,,,Rating

  22. Explains better than my maths teacher

  23. Im 500 elo and id do the same moves our ranking does and pros reviewing our ranking chess is hell just one of funniest videos 😂😂😂

  24. Thank you so much levy after watching this video my elo went from 2200 to a 1000 🙏

  25. With your video I finally got to a 1000 Elo. I was stuck at 1650 for a long time 🙂

  26. 5:34 i got distracted here so i’ll save a comment to look back here anytime soon

  27. Learning openings and how to play slower is the literal game changer you know

  28. At this point I'll be happy if I hit 500 elo but this video is much appreciated

  29. my question is.how it's possible to manage an adversary that play bad chess in early game and from nothing comes with very good moves?

  30. Thanks levy, I followed above steps and quickly reached from mid 900's to 1100 now

  31. He really said, " Get out of her. " XD. Anyways thank you for the information, the checklist really helps i think, ill need to use it though.

  32. Amazing, 1600 to 1000. Never expected these results.

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